Swords of Sorrow Polyvore Challenge: Recostume Chastity!

Swords of Sorrow #2 art by Sergio Davila Dynamite Comics

The Swords of Sorrow stage was set high with Marghaid Scott’s Chaos prequel, which featured the baddies of this all-lady character and writers event. The WWAC SoS team was particularly fond of the prequel and its mix of sympathetic baddies and one-dimensional baddies. One of those sympathetic baddies, redheaded Chastity, showed up in SoS #2 with a costume change — one we did not appreciate, considering how appropriate her previous costume was. We decided to take things into our own hands a la Polyvore.

Ginnis: Since Chastity works in a library and was reading A Study in Scarlet when we first met her, I decided she was probably a lit geek and loves to showcase that in her clothing. This set shows off her Irene Adler love with a touch of punk.
Ginnis - Chastity Polyvore
Melinda: I understand all that black leather makes it easier to get the blood stains out, but I’d prefer that my fellow ginger wear dark blues to bring out her eyes. (Does anyone else wish she was on the good side?)

Melinda Chastity redesign

Birdi: At this point, Chastity still seems so meek, which is crucial, but I really want her to emerge as this badass hold-no-bars-beytch. I’ve selected items I think she would wear as her persona takes shape, pieces that are tactical and edgy. Also, I totally think she would be into 90s nostalgia.

Birdi Chastity Redesign
Who says a redhead shouldn’t wear red?

Claire: There’s not too much to go on for Chastity beyond “she is mostly nude and all trussed up in spiked patent leather.” You can recreate that over and over, but it doesn’t really ever begin to look different. So, I’ve stuck with the basic “90s rando imagines a 70s punk girl, obviously she’d wear black with silver bits and I dunno, she’d look hot” aesthetic and added a bit of green to set off her hair, some white leggings to look sharp with blood and dirt on, and the ratty knitted cosy jumper that all old punks are required by (out)law to own. Cos going by her ComicVine profile, by now, my-time, she’d be in her fifties mind-wise.

Claire Chastity redesign

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