Mighty Marvel Monday: Evening Edition

Mighty Marvel Monday: Evening Edition

Since I’m sure all of you were curious, the Chicago Blackhawks were, indeed, blessed by Thor and triumphed over the Tampa Bay Lightning to win Lord Stanley’s Cup.

And a joyous time was had by all.

In the Marvel universe, things have been less joyous. It’s been a week of loud outrage and quiet departures.

Most controversial was the response to this article, which shared information about Sony’s licensing agreement with Marvel about Spider-Man, and specifically Peter Parker. According to the agreement:

SpideyMemo1 SpideyMemo2

The article itself is clickbait, and the writing glib. What’s important to note is that this is an agreement, meaning both sides had to agree to it, and while Marvel is the intellectual property owner, the individual points have left many fans questioning if Marvel really understands who Peter Parker is, based on their own canon.

The major mucking up of Battleworld: Thors is also cause for concern for many fans. This review on The Mary Sue articulately outlines exactly why the storyline they chose to go with is problematic, and a major insult to the Goddess of Thunder.

Ending on another sad note, it’s with a heavy heart that I must share that Kelly Sue Deconnick, beloved spiritual mother of the Carol Corps, is leaving the book in the fall, although Captain Marvel herself will, of course, be sticking around. She has a movie to prepare for, after all.


Yesterday was Father’s Day in the US, and I may have become emotionally compromised by the pictures and tweets shared by the cast of the MCU.

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