Mighty Marvel Monday

Another Monday, another Mighty Marvel Monday.

This past week, Marvel did good, demonstrating once again that while the MCU is still disproportionately white and male, Marvel Comic and their animated universes are giving audiences what we want: more of us.

Marvel made several big announcements this past week. The biggest is probably this:


On Friday, Marvel released more information about what their All-New All-Different Marvel Universe will look like, and though this is just promo artwork, it is very promising. I think what I like best about this new Marvel universe is that it proves that diversity doesn’t have to come at the expense of popular characters. Peter Parker is still Spider-Man, and so is Miles Morales. So is Gwen Stacy. So is Jessica Drew. (And fingers crossed, so is Cindy Moon). We have a whole friggin’ Spider-Family and it’s awesome.

Other awesome:

  • X-23 taking on the mantle of Wolverine, finally.
  • Thor continuing to be the Goddess of Thunder, because Jane Foster is worthy no matter what some people think.
  • Medusa and other Inhumans. I’ve never read anything with Medusa, so I’m excited that she’s appearing prominently. If G. Willow Wilson is writing her, I won’t even care that I had no idea who she was prior to now.

And if this announcement wasn’t big enough news, it was also revealed that Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel will be appearing in season three of the animated series Avengers Assemble, which will be retitled Avengers: Ultron Revolution, presumably to tie-in to the MCU. A whole new generation of children will soon get to know Kamala, and, I assume, buy many many new toys that include her.

Two more little things to get excited over in comics form:

  1. Secret Wars Journal #1, with a cover featuring (maybe) Miss Kate Bishop was released this past week.
  2. Marvel will be promoting the women of Marvel in September by re-issuing the first issues of select titles, including Ms. Marvel, Thor, She-Hulk, Silk, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, and Princess Leia, and selling them for $1 as part of their True Believers promo. Sounds good to me.


Actress Lindsey McKeon, a longtime friend of Chris Evans from his days as a failed TV star (and I bet he thinks we’ve forgotten all about Opposite Sex. Oh, hon. The internet never forgets), shared with us some incredible videos with Chris Evans talking about a great many things, genuinely and sincerely, and confirming why he really is as inspiring as Steve Rogers.

Enjoy. And…shh.

Kate Tanski

Kate Tanski

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