Incredible Indie Tuesday: I Want Kate Beaton-Illustrated History Textbooks

Because the universe is a beautiful place, Kate Beaton is putting out TWO books this year and she just did an interview about Step Aside, Popsthe second collection of her web comic out in September.  So much discussion of feminism and the incredible Ida B. Wells in this interview!step aside, pops, creator kate beaton, publisher drawn and quarterly 2015


nowhere men 1 cover, writer eric stephenson, artist nate bellegarde, colorist jordie bellaire, letterer and design fonographicks, image comics 2015There’s no firm date on its return, but Nowhere Men may be coming back later this year.  This Image book about a world where scientists are treated like rock stars garnered a lot of attention during its first arc in 2012, and I’m excited to see writer Eric Stephenson and artist Nate Bellegarde are making more of it.  Hopefully the rest of the creative team is coming on as well, because Jordie Bellaire’s colors and Fonographik’s letters and design really made the book pop.

Here are interviews about two upcoming miniseries that couldn’t sound more different: negative space cover 1, co-creators ryan k. lindsay and owen gieni, dark horse comics 2015Power Up 1 cover, writer kate leth, artist matt cummings, boom studios 2015 Power Up written by Kate Leth and penciled by Matt Cummings sounds like a fun, vibrant comic about random folks getting Magical Girl- like superpowers and having to save the world.  There’s a Canadian dude in a pink dress on the cover, I am so there.

On the darker end of the comics spectrum is Negative Space, co-created by Ryan K. Lindsay and Owen Gieni, which centers around a depressed protagonist who gets drawn into a terrifying situation featuring evil corporations and emotion-eating monsters.  What really stands out to me in this interview is the way Lindsay talks about the main character’s depression in a way that to me, as someone whose dealt with it myself in the past, feels like he gets what it’s like.  That’s what has me hooked into checking out the first issue more than the terrifying hellbeast on the cover.

IDW launched a new ioS app this week and you can scope some free comics between now and July 12th if you sign up. for  There are also separate apps for the IDW’s big licensed franchises, namely Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, and Transformers.  On one hand…it’s SO convenient having most of my digital comics in one place on Comixology, and I usually forget that the Dark Horse app even exists.  But one company having a stranglehold on distribution is never a good thing, especially when that company’s owned by Amazon, so it’s good to see a publisher trying this while still having their work up on Comixology.


Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

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