Incredible Indie Tuesday: Fantagraphics Announces Hip-Hop Family Tree Monthly Series

boombox_lumberjanes_001_aMore comic adaptations are coming!  There may one day be an Incredible Indie Tuesday column that doesn’t feature news of some comic or another getting adapted to another medium, but it clearly ain’t this week.  Check out WWAC’s thoughts on the upcoming The Wicked and the Divine tv adaptation and the recent announcement that Lumberjanes may be brought to the big screen by 20th Century Fox.

hip-hop family tree cover, creator ed piskors, fantagraphicsHip-Hop Family Tree To Be Fantagraphics’ First Monthly Series.  This historical look at hip-hop by Ed Piskors first started out on the web before Fantagraphics began publishing it in collected form, and now it’ll be hitting comic shops as a monthly floppy series.  The series will start out as reprints of the earlier work with expanded back-matter, which makes sense considering Hip-Hop Family Tree traces the genre’s growth in chronological order to and this will give new readers a chance to start at the beginning.  It’ll be interesting to see if this leads to Fantagraphics producing more monthly series in the future.

Also out from Fantagraphics later this year is The Complete Wimmin’s Comix, collecting the all-women underground comic anthology that has been out of print for many years.  It’ll be edited by Trina Robbins, one of the original creators of the anthology and one of comics foremost historians.  Excited to see this important part of comics history becoming available to new readers like myself who know all too little about the underground feminist comics of the past!


jughead promo image, writer chip zdarsky, artist erica henderson, publisher archie comics 2015The Archie Comics Kickstarter was canceled, but the Chip Zdarsky-written Jughead series lives on!  Artist Erica Henderson has been announced as the on-going penciler, and the first issue is to hit the stands in October.  Part of me is so very excited about seeing this creative team together, but Henderson is the artist on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl right now and I absolutely love what she and writer Ryan North are doing with that book.  Maybe by October we’ll have discovered cloning and she can do both?

Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

Catie is a lawyer by day, comics fan by night (and during the lunch hour). Unsurprisingly, her idol is She-Hulk and can only wish that she could work a purple suit in the courtroom like Shulkie can. She's also into Stephanie Brown, because she has apparently an affinity for characters in purple.