The DC Daily Planet: Happy Batman Day! (Again.)

This post contains spoilers for Batman: Endgame #40.

Happy Friday, crusaders! Let’s get right into it, shall we?

It’s been a real doozy of a week, as DC not only killed off Batman (??) but has been fielding some fairly heavy accusations regarding its business practices. Gerry Conway took to Tumblr to hash out the painfully labyrinthine logic used by DC Entertainment to cut creators out of their deserved character rights, giving creators practically nothing when their creations move to the big or small screen. In Conway’s example of Caitlin Snow — a n52 character derived from the pre-Crisis Crystal Frost — you have a “derivative” character who, according to DC, has no actual creator.

The Flash
Hopefully at least she gets paid.

Let’s say DC agrees you created a character, like, for example, Killer Frost. In your original creation, Killer Frost had a secret identity named Crystal Frost. Later, a “new” Killer Frost is created for the New 52, and this new Killer Frost has a secret identity named Caitlin Snow.

You’ll be pleased to hear (I hope) that DC agrees I and Al Milgrom are the co-creators of all manifestations of “Killer Frost.” We are also considered the co-creators of Crystal Frost. And, of course, by the twisted logic that credits Power Girl as a derivation of Superman, Al and I must also be the creators of Killer Frost’s New 52 secret identity, Caitlin Snow.


No. We’re not. And DC insists we are not. And I agree with DC.

Caitlin Snow was created by Sterling Gates and Derlis Santacruz.

Except, according to DC Entertainment, she wasn’t. Because she was “derived” from the original creation of Killer Frost.

Which means Al Milgrom and I created her.

Except, according to DC Entertainment, we didn’t.

Nobody created her.

More to the point, nobody is getting paid for her usage on The Flash, and I think that’s bullcrackers.

Also questionable: DC’s Free Comic Book Day book, Divergence, will be available on Amazon, also for free. IDK, that seems like it’s kind of going against the grain of what FCBD is about, right?

Maybe this time it won't be a clone, though.
Maybe this time it won’t be a clone, though.

Speaking of, Divergence will also feature that Bat-Bunny armor first teased lo these many months ago, with a brand new Bats inside, because Scott Snyder totally killed off Bruce and the Joker in this week’s Endgame #40. I would lament this turn of events, but it’s not like Bruce hasn’t done this whole “resurrection” two-step before.

Joss Whedon wants to direct a movie for DC. Pass.

Frank Miller’s writing a new Batman story. You will find the appropriate .gif reactions here.

Superman’s secret identity is finally revealed! Maybe that’s why he’s so damn mopey in the n52.


A lot, and not much of it all that great. What do you think about this week’s DC news, folks? Let me know in the comments!

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