Mighty Marvel Monday!

It’s Memorial Day in the States, and I was sadly not invited to Mel’s BBQ, not that I was expecting to, seeing as how Mel and I have never met, we have no mutual friends, and I only found out Mel’s BBQ was a thing on Saturday thanks to Twitter. But now that I know about it? Life goals.

Instead, I spent my Sunday musing on what to put in this column, especially after last week’s Paean to G. Willow Wilson.

So, after deliberation, here’s my plan: a quick ‘n’ dirty rundown of the current state of Marvel, in terms of my engagement with it*

And…that’s it. I think.

Oh! One more thing.


Vulture ran a lengthy article about Marvel and women in comics in general last Thursday, and a certain website run by women who write about comics gets a mention. I was impressed at the depth of analysis for an assumingly mainstream non-comics reading audience, and it could function as a good primer, introducing what are standard topics regularly discussed on this site and by people in (and into) comics on social media.

* basically…what I find interesting. In other words, YMMV.

Kate Tanski

Kate Tanski

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