Weekend Review 6/11/2015

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Cover that boy up! Check your Rule 63! Utena vs. Kill La Kill! Magical women are scary! Interviews! Blog Carnivals! What a week!

On Monday…

Let’s talk about scary, magical women like Borderlands’ Lilith. It’s time to rethink “rule 63,” genderswapping, and crossplay. Talking fashion in Mighty Marvel Monday. It’s a revolutionary girl showdown featuring Utena vs. Kill La Kill. Shorts and sweet reviews of iZOMBIEMy Little Pony and more.

Revolutionary Girl Utena vs. Kill La Kill

On Tuesday…

Writer Mikki Kendall talks Swords of Sorrow. Why are hockey masks so terrifying? This week’s Dogears looks at an American Wife in Black and more. Kids comics that left their impressions on us. Jem Jam continues with a shindig and a trip to China.

On Wednesday…

Can you make a game in 300 wordsMobius Final Fantasy’s main character has to cover up because he’s just too darn sexy. Our anti-lifestyle column, Fail Better, returns with a happy divorcee. Lois Lane is a real work of art and she’s on the case. Rebecca reviews Nemo: River of Ghosts.

On Thursday…

WWAC’s blog carnival on censure vs. censor begins. Jo and Tracy’s Borderlands The Pre-Sequel adventures come to their epic conclusion. Judge Anderson’s Emma Beeby wants to do stupid things. Find out how not to run a comic sitewhy an atheist wants to watch the CW’s new show about angels, or how Pee Wee’s Big Adventure shaped Romona.

On Friday…

First looks at DC’s first CONVERGENCE titles and Suicide Squad movie in the DC Daily Planet. Vernieda talks about the rubber guy who wants to be the Pirate King in One Piece. There are embroidered equines in the Kickstarter of the Week. Perhaps a stiff drink will help you deal with DC’s CONVERGENCE. Guest writer Nyala Ali hammers out the trouble with the new Thor.


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