Weekend Review 04/25/2015

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comique con, chelsea liddy, http://comiquecon.com/On Monday…

The Inquisition learns the secrets of Inquisitor Ameridan. Its he MCU edition of Mighty Marvel Monday. It’s Doctor Who Day in Denton, Texas. Here are four fantastic things about the Fantastic Four trailer. Comique Con is the first ever convention with all women creators. Barakamon is a slice of Japanese island life. Attack on Titans  fans unite!

On Tuesday…

Let’s talk romance comics with Jacque Nodell & Megan Levens. There’s an “X” in sexuality (spoilers). Another week of comics and music news in Incredible Indie Tuesday. Can you spare a brain? How well does iZombie translate from comic to screen? Robin Rinaldi’s The Wild Oats Project offers a year of sex and revelation. The Movies that Shaped Me series continues with David Bowie in Labyrinth

Executive Assistant Iris Volume 1 – Jul 5 2011 by David Wohl (Author), Eduardo Francisco (Artist) | Aspen ComicsOn Wednesday…

What are we playing this month? Are you ready to Get Your Game On? Avengers party snacks assemble! The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2 brings us Madam Satan. It’s Administrative Professional’s Day. Show your Executive Assistant that you care–or else she might kill you.

On Thursday…

Tabletop Day is bringing board games to the streets. Veronica Berns, Ph.D. combines science and creativity in a comic book about quasicrystalsLois Lane: Fallout’s Gwenda Bond chats with WWAC about the young adult novel. Hot Topic has some new affordable (and accessible?) Avengers attire for women. Learn about Attack on Titan’s gargantuan impact on sales. Follow along with our Twin Peaks Log, now on season two, episode eight.

DC Super Hero Girls_5537ee21c01bd1.39734216On Friday…

You know what we need? Another Spider-Man movie. You know what else we need? More white guys to play him. Hockey fan? Check out this Kickstarter of the Week. Big news in the DC Daily Planet, including a new line of Super Hero Girls toys made by Mattel. Look out Barbie! Where do women stand in the 2015 Eisner nominations? The best way to binge watch the Daredevil Netflix series is with maximum snackage. Ardo and Megan P. will show you how. Could a Ms. Marvel television series be in the works? Meteor Prince is all about the stars, soulmates, and shoujo.

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