Weekend Review 04/18/2015

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Another busy week at WWAC. Daredevil gets descriptive, the future of FCBD, Haiku Warriors, oh yeah and Joss Whedon’s dishwater feminism.

On Monday…

It’s the MCU edition of Mighty Marvel Monday. The Inquisition takes on the Jaws of Hakkon. The great Toni Morrison is profiled in the New York Times. Titan’s new bande dessinée editor, Lizzie Kaye, has plans. Desiree displays the fine art of stealth cosplay.


On Tuesday…

Netflix’s hit series, Daredevil, gets descriptive audio for the visually impaired. WWAC profiles Emily of The Blue Valkyrie. Opera and comics go together like peas and carrots in Incredible Indie Tuesday. The real problem with the Sad and Rabid Puppies. Follow along with our Twin Peaks log. It’s the penultimate issue of Lady Killer and if you’re not reading it, Ginnis has got you on her list.

Eliza Dushku for Dollhouse, Joss Whedon, DVD menu, WB
Joss Whedon’s Dishwater Feminism Can Sit Down Now

On Wednesday…

Everything’s on the table in our April gaming roundtable. Bee’s got some ice for Deckard’s cosplay in Al’s latest Quick Change. Lots going on in the gaming world in this week’s Get Your Game on WednesdayShort and Sweet reviews of the final issues of Cyclops and The Private Eye. Megan P. takes on Joss Whedon’s dishwater feminism.

On Thursday…

The importance of play for the visually impaired. Find out where women stand in March’s graphic novel sales. #ToTheGirls takes over Twitter in the Thursday Book Beat. The new Captain Marvel movie might be piloted by Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve. Who is judging us in the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction? Horror fan? Check out these great films on Netflix. What does the future of Free Comic Book Day look like?

On Friday…

Our Kickstarter of the Week takes on Haiku Warriors. No talking tigers are allowed in this week’s DC Daily Planet. Need a new geeky craft? Try a raggedy fan doll! Spider-Gwen is “just” a girl.

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