Mighty Marvel Monday: MCU Edition

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Welcome to another edition of Mighty Marvel Monday! If you’re reading this and not watching Daredevil on Netflix…why are you reading this and not watching Daredevil on Netflix? GO NOW!

So, for those of you who are staying, either you’ve already watched Daredevil–in which case, no spoilers–or you’re like me, and never intended to watch the Daredevil series–in which case, let me tell you that it’s totally worth watching.

Some more updates from the MCU and MCU-extended family

There’s a new Fantastic Four trailer, and it’s kind of amazing. I am so incredibly excited for this movie, and I will not stand for other people not being super excited about it with me.

There’s also a new Ant-Man trailer that makes the movie look way more awesome than I’d previously thought, and I was pretty damn excited by the first trailer.

There were a lot of casting announcements this past week, but today’s announcement that Olivia Munn will be playing Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse is probably the biggest, and the most controversial, since Munn is half-Chinese and Psylocke in the comics is (post-reboot) a Japanese woman.

After the Russo brothers were announced as the directors for the next Avengers movie, Joss Whedon has been speaking up about his decision to not continue with the franchise and also about GamerGate and his relationship with GamerGate support Adam Baldwin while on the Age of Ultron press junket.


The full Avengers team is in full press mode for Age of Ultron and Robert Downey Jr’s social media pictures must be seen to be believed.

Also, Remember last week when I said that RDJ was going to be accepting an award at this year’s MTV Movie Awards? Yeah. This happened:


 You’re welcome.



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