Mighty Marvel Monday: Fashion Edition

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It’s probably just post-con exhaustion talking, but Marvel seems to be relatively quiet this past week. Last weekend was Emerald City Comic Con, or ECCC, and this past weekend was WonderCon, where Marvel writers, artists, actors, and execs have been making the rounds and holding panels.

 I was planning on going to the Marvel panel at WonderCon on Saturday but the line to get in was out the door and around the floor, so that did not happen.

 I did, however, get an exclusive-to-WonderCon sneak peek at the upcoming Avengers-inspired clothing line by the designers who won the Her Universe Fashion Contest at San Diego Comic Con in 2014, and even though I wasn’t allowed to take pictures since they showed video clips, I am going to describe them in detail.


During the panel, which was billed as a Her Universe Fashion Show Update panel, was hosted and moderated by the Her Universe creator Ashley Eckstein. Eckstein is gorgeous, sincere in her love of geek fashion, honest about her lack of knowledge of the business and logistical sides to fashion, and full of praise for the people she partners with who have that knowledge. As such, she came across as very genuine and endearing, and I, who had little knowledge of Her Universe prior to this panel, am now definitely a fan. It also helps that Her Universe is extremely generous about their sizing, including designs in the 4x/5x range, although it is unclear if all the forthcoming designs by last year’s winning designers Amy Beth Christianson and Andrew MacLain will be available in that range.

 One of the prizes of the SDCC fashion show was to get to design a line for Hot Topic, and the panel revealed that line was for Marvel, and specifically for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Christianson and MacLain each took Avengers as inspiration. Christianson took Thor, Loki, and Iron Man, while MacLain took Black Widow and Cap.

Christanson’s Designs

1) A Loki-inspired dress. This is the only dress that you can actually see, because Eckstein was actually wearing that day and posted this picture on Instagram:

HerUniverseWonderCon Christanson described the feel as “Rockabilly,” and it comes across as very Modcloth meets Marvel, in the best way. It’s black with a dark green skirt and that carries a gold repeat of Loki’s helmet.

2) A Thor-inspired dress. This dress is perhaps is more simple than his brother’s, but no less Modcloth-meets-Marvel. It’s a solid red with a sailor-ish type collar on the bodice and an embroidered Mjolnir on the skirt.

 3) A Tony Stark-inspired satin jacket. The jacket is very “Pink Ladies” from Grease, except red and with a Stark Industries logo on the back.

MacLain’s Designs

1) A Captain America-inspired dress. This is the dress I want more than any other. It complements Christanson’s designs, but somehow feels a little different. It’s a solid blue halter top dress with the shield emblazoned over the full skirt that manages to be incredibly simple and also a showstopper.

2) A Black Widow-inspired dress. MacLain described it as having a 60s mod-vibe. It’s black with a large red Black Widow symbol that takes up the entire dress, which to me makes it feel less Mod sheath dress and more like a body con minidress. Still, it’s stunning.

3) A Black Widow-inspired jacket. Yes, MacLain did two Black Widow looks, and his justification was thoughtful and also sent my Black Widow/Hawkeye-shipping friend into a frenzy. MacLain related that he’d been asked to do a Hawkeye jacket to go on top of the Black Widow dress, since Black Widow and Hawkeye are together, but that he felt uncomfortable with the idea of his clothing implying that Hawkeye would be “on top,” which was why they ended up with a second Black Widow piece. The jacket itself, which you can see another panelist wearing in the Instragram photo, is a black moto-style leather jacket with a silver MCU-style Black Widow symbol on the belt buckle. It’s also stunning, but as a diehard Hawkeye fan I’m just like, “Aww, jacket.”

 According to Eckstein, The Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron collection by Her Universe will be available online in late April, and in Hot Topic stores nationwide starting in May. Eckstein also announced that Her Universe and Hot Topic will be hosting another design contest and fashion show at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, so mark that on your calendars.


 One last thing–I would be remiss as a Marvel fan if I did not mention that Robert Downey Jr. will receive the MTV Generation Award during the 2015 MTV Movie Awards next Sunday, April 12th, and apparently the rest of the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast will be the ones to give him that award, or so the press release states. I, for one, am needing every fix I can get until Avengers: Age of Ultron is released, so I will be watching.

 You’re welcome.



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  1. Why have you posted this? Now I want all of the things. My wallet is weeping because of you. 🙁

    I didn’t actually know about Her Universe until this, so thanks! (I live under a rock, a big one.) And it looks like Hot Topic will have the line in in time for my trip to the States! Oh dear! Must…control…self…

    1. I’m so glad that you learned something new! I actually knew very little about Her Universe before this panel and had assumed they wouldn’t have clothes for someone plus-sized like me, and I was so happy to learn I was very wrong!

      1. I hope at some point they get a bit braver with the shapes and cuts of the clothing. It’s admirable that they’re doing anything at all, but some of the shapes, particularly on plus-size, are a bit bland to me – like a lot of the knit dresses. But beggars can’t be chooser, I suppose. (LIES, I WILL NITPICK FOREVER.)

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