Day: April 6, 2015

Lilith - Borderlands \ 2K Games

Scary, Magical Women: Lilith of Borderlands

SPOILER WARNING: Borderlands, Borderlands 2 “Alright, you mindless gun-hands: you’re looking for a really hot chick with blue tattoos and mystical powers. A Siren. Specifically, one named Lilith. The official reports say she died in New Haven, but I’m positive she’s hiding out near Sanctuary. If you catch wind of her, tell me and I’ll pay…

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Mighty Marvel Monday: Fashion Edition

It’s probably just post-con exhaustion talking, but Marvel seems to be relatively quiet this past week. Last weekend was Emerald City Comic Con, or ECCC, and this past weekend was WonderCon, where Marvel writers, artists, actors, and execs have been making the rounds and holding panels.  I was planning on going to the Marvel panel…