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    Valtyr lives in the UK, studies history, enjoys good horror movies and bad horror movies.

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  • Scary, Magical Women: Lilith of Borderlands

    Scary, Magical Women: Lilith of Borderlands6

    SPOILER WARNING: Borderlands, Borderlands 2 “Alright, you mindless gun-hands: you’re looking for a really hot chick with blue tattoos and mystical powers. A Siren. Specifically, one named Lilith. The official reports say she died in New Haven, but I’m positive she’s hiding out near Sanctuary. If you catch wind of her, tell me and I’ll pay

  • Carol Appreciation: Ultimate Carol Danvers

    Carol Appreciation: Ultimate Carol Danvers2

    A guest post by Valtyr “I will arrest you, no matter how many times you outrank me.” In honour of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s new Captain Marvel, which Megan Byrd reviewed for us on Wednesday, I decided to dedicate the weekend to Carol Appreciation. This is the first in a series of guest posts about the