Incredible Indie Tuesday: Lots of Thoughts and Feelings on Editors + Dominic Cooper?

Preacher #1

dominic cooper, mamma mia (2008)First up, the Preacher TV Adaptation Allegedly Eyeing Dominic Cooper for Titular Character.

This adaptation of Garth Ennis’ and Steve Dillon’s Vertigo series has been long in the making, but they may finally be getting closer to casting their leading man.  Dominic Cooper, probably best known to comic fans as Howard Stark in Captain America and the recent Agent Carter, is supposedly in talks to star as Jesse Cutler, a preacher off on a journey across America to find God in what’s less of a spiritual sense and more of a blood-spattered revenge story.  AMC hit the comic adaptation jackpot with The Walking Dead and though only a pilot has been officially ordered, there’s probably a lot of pressure to make Preacher a hit too.  Though it’s going to be hard to beat Cooper’s part in Mamma Mia where he sings ABBA while shirtless on a beach, to be quite honest.  The bar is set so high.

One of the true great editors, Diana Schultz, is retiring from Dark Horse Comics after 25 years after having worked on classics like Usagi Yojimbo, Grendel, and Sin City. Editors’ major roles in comics are too often overlooked–they can play a major role in bringing great works to a wider audience.  The interview is just fascinating as it talks about the role of an editor in comics, how the industry has changed since her first job in the 1970s, and her proudest accomplishments over her career.

Interestingly (and depressingly) enough, once Schultz retires, Dark Horse will be down to only one full-time female editor.  Though Schultz points out that the industry is growing more inclusive on the editorial side, there’s still a long way to go.  Much of the focus on diversity in the industry is on the creative side like writers and artists, but having women and other marginalized groups working behind the scenes is just as important.  Editors play a part in choosing what graphic novels to publish and can often mentor and develop newcomers to the industry–like Schultz did with Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá–and bringing more inclusive voices into the profession is invaluable.

Speaking of more diverse voices among editors, Oni Press has added three more full-time editors to its staff with nary a straight white dude among them!  Oni is pushing to add more creator-owned comics to its line after the success of Letter 44 and The Sixth Gun, and will start putting out Invader Zim comics soon as well.  It’s a comics publisher whose output is consistently exciting and just a little bit delightfully weird.

Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

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