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Valentine’s week features our WWAC Date Night, as well as lots of other romance-y goodness (and other stuff too).

On Monday…

WWAC talks make up and femininity. Ardo reviews Gotham Academy #4. Liz explores the new comic reading app, Comique. Mighty Marvel Monday returns mightily! Guest author Lindsay discovers the creepy side of otome. Ardo explains why Marvel and Sony need to take a fresh crack at Spider-Man.

Final FantasyOn Tuesday…

Ginnis dogears Blasphemy and Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady, and explains how the movie Red Sonja shaped her. Claire says sayounara to Golgo-13. In part two of the Queerness in Cartoons roundtable, WWAC explores queer relationships outside of the recent Korrasami revelation. More roundtable goodness: gamers discuss romance in gaming — what works and what doesn’t. While the Big Two hog the spotlight with big news, indie creators are busy giving some great interviews.

On Wednesday…

Jules is loving Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. WWAC Warrior Lela makes rice her new bae. Disney introduces its first Latina princess. Bring your box of Kleenex: Al busts out all the feels for some of the biggest screen heartbreaks. Joe Dator does political cartooning right. Get Your Game on with Brenda’s weekly gaming news. Jo has harsh words for an art stealing DJ.

On Thursday…

Dive into gaming lore with tie-in books and comics. Kimber rebels and love triangles are confusing in this week’s Jem Jam. Bad news for the Toronto International Book Fair after only one year. WWAC discusses sex and the modern superhero in response to last week’s Scriptnotes episode.

Batwoman #4 | DC Comics

 On Friday…

Geek Loves Punk in the Kickstarter of the Week. WWAC staff share their convention survival tips. Laura’s got the DC Daily Planet news. Ginnis talks about writing and privilege. Al revisits her first PC game, Torin’s Passage. Ardo asks: Do supevillains have the right to an attorney? Part two of Megan P.’s analysis of  Rachel Masilamani’s work — “The Subject” deals with chronic and post-partum depression. Wendy and Jaime revisit Heroes Reborn. And the AWESOME AWARDS are open! Vote for your favourites in comics, books, and games.

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