Playing At Love By Starlight: Date Night With WWAC

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Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon, Toei, Naoko TakeuchiShould Chiba Mamoru (aka Tuxedo Mask) ever find himself in Toronto, I would definitely be selfless enough to take him round the city for a fun night. We’d start with Trivia Night at the Drake Hotel–the quiz would be a fun icebreaker for both of us quiet introverts. We’re also both of us voracious readers, so we could play off each other to answer all the questions and win first place.

Next up: a relaxed stroll east to Campagnolo on Dundas and Bathurst for dinner. I love Italian food, and the atmosphere there is lively enough to keep the conversation casual. Mamoru’s got a weakness for chocolate, and the Salted Caramel Busino with luscious chocolate meringue would make a great dessert to share.

We could end the night by going star-gazing at the David Dunlap Observatory, a habit I don’t think Mamoru could break in any lifetime. I’ve never been to a proper observatory before, so I know I would enjoy listening to him share his knowledge of the galaxy. Granted, we’d probably end up going our separate ways, but it’d be cool just to hang out with the future king of the universe for a night.

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Angel Cruz

Angel Cruz

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