Mighty Marvel Monday: RETURN OF MONDAY!

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I’m back! Hi! Did you miss me and my Marvel musings? Look, I love you all so much that I brought the alliteration back in my intro blurb. The things I do for you.

A lot happened while I was away being a grown up, so let’s dive in:

A-Force #1. W: Wilson & Bennett. A: Molina. Marvel comics, 2015
A-Force by Jorge Molina

First of all: Marvel announced an all-female Avengers! Sort of. They announced an all-female A-Force (that name: “…sure”), which is a different team with its own book that can be totally cancelled if it doesn’t sell well. It is lead by She-Hulk (awesome), features a cast of lady heroes from a variety of Marvel titles (including the Runaways!!!) and is being written by Ms. Marvel’s G. Willow Wilson (AWESOME) and Marguerite Bennett (Batgirl, Angela: Asgard’s Assassin), so hopes are high. If you recall, Wilson will also be taking over Marvel’s other all-female team, the adjectiveless X-Men, for a limited run. Good hands to be in.

Perhaps related to this, but still great news regardless, is that Marvel editor Sana Amanat has been promoted to Head of Content and Character development! Amanat co-created Kamala Khan, and has been a champion of diversity in mainstream titles, so we can probably expect more positive developments from Marvel moving forward. While creators certainly are a major factor in diverse books getting made, editorial is really what pulls the strings in the comics industry, so seeing someone as progressive as Sana get a major promotion is a really heartening change.

Ms. MarvelLet’s see what miscellany there is to report:

Probably unfounded rumor of the day: Marvel is looking at Angelina Jolie to direct 2018’s Captain Marvel movie. I…don’t know. I guess this could be true?

Luke Mitchell has been cast as a “charismatic Inhuman” on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Side note: I have also been described as a charismatic inhuman by co-workers and former dates.

The first on-the-set images of Jessica Jones have been leaked! She’s walking out of a door! Her hands are in her pockets! What could this mean?
Alright kids, that’s it for me. Go form your own A-Forces. B-Force! Q-Force. Whatever Force you want.

Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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