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Mighty Marvel Mondays! The one day a week WWAC points you to the Marvel-ous news you might have missed. And, not to brag, but this week has some pretty awesome offerings.

This is my second and last week filling in for the lovely Ivy Noelle, which is why I’m so incredibly happy that Marvel decided to release the teaser trailer to the rebooted Fantastic Four this week. The roughly two-minute trailer released last Tuesday has drawn comparisons (not all favorable) to Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, but this gives me joy rather than concern. Just as when Sony rebooted the Spider-Man franchise with a grittier, more realistic feel compared to the campy and nearly unwatchable version just a few years previous, Fox is looking to go as far from camp as possible and plonking the rebooted franchise in the genre of sci-fi realism. We only get glimpses of the characters pre- and post- becoming Fantastic, but Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell look fantastic. I’ve yet to be sold on Kate Mara and Miles Teller.

So, in other MCU news–let’s talk about actors who really are as sweet as their characters.

Chris Evans and Chris Pratt went to the Superbowl together and tweeted about it.

Captain America and Star Lord being adorable.
Captain America and Star Lord being adorable.

 The Superbowl-related joshing between Captain America and Star Lord on Twitter made headlines and produced some pretty entertaining fanart, but the real winners here–other than Patriots fans everywhere–are the kids at Christopher’s Haven and the Seattle Children’s Hospital. If you thought Captain America would disappoint sick children just because they’re from Seattle, you’d be so very wrong.

Monthly box subscriptions are all the rage, or so the internet tells me, and now Marvel and Funko have teamed up with their own bi-monthly subscription of goodies: The Collector Corps. I’m going to assume that it’s called the Collector Corps as a nod to the Collector (played by Benicio del Toro) last seen in Guardians of the Galaxy having martinis with Howard the Duck. Because that’s your future, should you sign up for this subscription. I’m kidding. Maybe.

From Street Cred's Facebook page
From Street Cred’s Facebook page

Vigilante vandalism in SF

If Ms. Marvel’s importance as Marvel’s first Muslim superhero wasn’t apparent before, it’s definitely hit the mainstream now thanks to some street artists in San Francisco pasting over offensive ads equating Islam with Nazism with images of Kamala Khan and anti-Islamophobia statements. The group posted these images, which subsequently went viral on Facebook and other social media networks.

This week, Marvel released the list of female artists for the Women of Marvel variant covers.

March is Women’s History Month, and to celebrate, Marvel announced they were going to have female artists draw variant covers for their March titles. The list, which contains several TBD entries, includes familiar names and new faces, including Jill Thompson, Amanda Conner, and Stacey Lee.

On Tumblr’s Movie fandometrics for the week ending January 26th, the MCU still has four out of the top twenty spots

But the names and rankings are a little different. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the highest ranked of the MCU fandoms, moving up one place to the #5 slot. The Avengers held steady at #9, with Iron Man and Thor joining ranks for the first time, debuting at #11 and #19, respectively. However, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant-Man are nowhere to be found. Also disappointing was the fact that Agent Carter slipped 14 spots from #4 to #18 on Tumblr’s TV fandometrics for the week ending January 26th, but let’s hope that the news underneath the cut will turn things around for our favorite heroine.


Agent Carter made waves this week when the character Dottie Underwood–introduced as a ballet dancer from Iowa in the previous episode–did some incredibly badass things, leading to speculation that she was a Black Widow or at the very least trained by the same program that trained Black Widow Natasha Romonova. The existence of a predecessor to Black Widow program in the MCU through Agent Carter was confirmed by showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas in this IGN interview. How freaking awesome is that?

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