Indigo at Dusk Event: Thomas John’s Never Argue With A Dead Person

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Two weeks ago, Indigo Green Roomthe events arm of the Indigo bookstore chaintweeted out an invite to an intimate event at their home office as part of their new “Indigo at Dusk” series.

My friend brought this to my attention and suggested we go. I am the more skeptical one between the two of us, but since we had such a blast at the ghost hunting event in Casa Loma two years prior, I thought, “Why not?” We arrived Tuesday night of the 10th at the Indigo home office (loved the design!) and spent the first half hour mingling, eating snacks, and drinking wine (or sparkling water in my case). We got to hear from our guest of honor, Thomas John, who spoke about growing up with this ability to communicate with the dead, which was something he was born with.

He told us that he had never set out to become a medium and when asked about dealing with skeptics, he said that he himself was the biggest skeptic, evidenced in taking psychology in college and thinking he was a schizophrenic at the time. For him, it was easier to break through to skeptics than it was for cynics who are hellbent at not wanting to believe. He answered questions like how do these ghosts communicate with him (he can see them clearly, as blurred figures, or sometimes through ideas thrown at him), does time of death determine how easy it is or how strong the connection is to contact the dead (it doesn’t; it could be based on how close you were to the person or if an event in your life prompts that individual to reach out) and if he can communicate with animal spirits (he personally doesn’t, but they can come through when contacting a person). The last half hour of the event gave us an opportunity to have our complementary books signed by John, which allowed him to casually give readings if he felt anything was coming from us.

Never Argue with a Dead Person by Thomas John. February 5, 2015. HAMPTON ROADS PUBLISHING. Photo taken by Ardo Omer. Never Argue with a Dead Person by Thomas John. February 5, 2015. HAMPTON ROADS PUBLISHING

Two of my friends ended up getting readings. One was told that she might have a bit of psychic energy inside of her, while another friend was told that her grandfather was looking out for her. I walked in a skeptic and I didn’t walk out a believer, but I did leave with a few things to think about. Thomas John’s book, Never Argue With A Dead Person: True And Unbelievable Stories From The Other Side, is filled with various stories of his time as a medium and it’s currently available for purchase.

Can people talk to the dead? Well, it’s definitely something to think about and discuss. I had a blast and want to thank Indigo Green Room for the opportunity. I hope that we’ll get more of these “Indigo At Dusk” events in the future.


Ardo Omer

Ardo Omer

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