Incredible Indie Tuesday: While Marvel and DC Exploded, Indie Creators Gave Interviews!

Hellbreak by Cullen Bunn, Brian Churilla and Dave Stewart

So there was LOTS of news this week but it was mostly about the Big Two launching ALL the new titles with a little bit of Spider-Man in the MCU for good measure. Meanwhile, indie creators gave lots of very interesting interviews about new books coming down the pike. Not to mention that all of these books promise to have INCREDIBLE art.

the infinite loop 1 cover, writer Pierrick Colinet and artist Elsa Charretier, IDW 2015Elsa Charretier on Time-Traveling Lesbian Love Story in The Infinite Loop

Nothing can get me more excited about a book than the prospect of same-sex romance and science fiction being smushed together into comic book format. The Infinite Loop written by Pierrick Colinet and artist Elsa Charretier promises that and so much more. It doesn’t hurt that this art has got to be some of the loveliest interiors than I’ve seen in a long time. TIME-TRAVELING LESBIANS, YOU GUYS.  

hellbreak 1 cover, writer cullen bunn, artist brian churilla, oni press 2015Cullen Bunn Talks New Series Hellbreak Which Pretty Much Is What it Sounds Like

Coming out from Oni Press this spring, Hellbreak by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Brian Churilla follows a group of top-notch mercenaries who are the best they are at what they do…which is break into hell and steal lost souls back. It looks to have as much action influence as horror, like a BPRD with machine guns and the idea that every time they visit hell it’s going to be a new ‘vision’ of it will give Churilla a real chance to stretch his design skills for all kinds of nightmare landscapes. Plus the first issue is only going to be $1!

descender 1 cover, writer jeff lemire, artist dustin nguyen, image comics 2015Jeff Lemire On New Series Descender With Dustin Nguyen

This upcoming sci-fi series from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Dustin Nguyen hasn’t even had a first issue come out, and it’s already been optioned for a film. That’s got to be a serious doozy of a first issue, am I right? Lemire describes it as a small, intimate story told in a great big world, and it follows robot/boy TIM-21 through the galaxies as he tries to figure out just his place in the universe. I’ve loved Dustin Nguyen’s art on various Bat books for years, so getting to see him stretch his world-building and design skills is going to be pretty awesome.

black hood 1 cover, writer duane swierczynski, artist michael gaydos, archie comics 2015Archie Editor Alex Segura on Re-Launching Superhero Line

When you think Archie Comics, superheroes are not exactly the first thing to come to mind. Then again, neither are dark horror comics, but Afterlife With Archie and Sabrina proved that the publisher has a lot of wild cards up their sleeve. They’re trying again with the launch of the Black Circle, a superhero line-up of existing Archie Comics properties relaunched into new series.  Instead of going the huge, interconnected universe approach Valiant took,  each series like The Shield and The Fox are going to be standing alone. The superhero market is super crowded, but Archie Comics has been making a ton of smart publishing moves lately so maybe this’ll be a hit.

Duane Swierczynski’s New Take on The Dark Hood Promises to be Grim, Gritty

The first book to be launched in Archie Comics’s Black Circle line is the return of pulp hero vigilante The Black Hood written by Duane Swiercynzki with art by Michael Gaydos. The story falls a cop who gets injured in the line of duty and takes on the identity of the Black Hood  and in the interview Sqierczynski promises it’s going to be “brutal.” These kind of stories aren’t usually my cup of tea, but with Michael Gaydos, co-creator of Alias, on board for the art, I’m much more interested. His art is so much about the characters and their humanity that I think it’ll really make this one stand out.

Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

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