Mighty Marvel Monday

Hello and welcome to your regularly scheduled Mighty Marvel Monday! I’ll be filling in for our beloved Ivy Noelle for the next couple weeks, so if you love Marvel, and love Mondays, let’s talk.


On the heels of the casting news for X-Men Apocalypse with Sophie Turner being cast as Jean Grey , let’s start off with the obligatory link to Wendy’s awesome Dear Hollywood letter in reaction to the Storm casting news. Oh, and some dude I’ve never heard of named Tye Sheridan is teenage Cyclops, but seriously who cares? SANSA STARK IS JEAN GREY.

If you’re not following Robert Downey Jr. on Facebook you’re missing out. In the past week alone, Downey has (re)posted (uncredited) more Avengers fanart than you can shake a stick at. I tried Google Image searching for the original posts but struck out. If anyone can find the originals for credit, I will knit you something Marvel-related.

Funko has finally released the promo images for their Age of Ultron line of POP figures. And they’re adorable. Also, they make plushies, apparently, and I want all of them to go along with my Captain America: The Winter Soldier plushies.


I’m totally biased, but who doesn’t want a beady-eyed Hawkeye to call their own?

Agent Carter held steady as the 4th most reblogged fandom this week on Tumblr according to Tumblr’s official fandometrics for the week ending Jan 19th.  The MCU in general has a healthy showing on Tumblr’s fandometrics for movies ending Jan 19th as well, snagging 5 spots out of the top 20. Age of Ultron debuted at #5 for movies, edging out Captain America: The Winter Soldier at #6 (though I would bet an analysis of those posts that are counting as Cap 2 are also from Captain America: The First Avenger. The Steve/Bucky fandom is prolific, to say the least.) The Avengers movie also showed a +2 shift from #11 to #9 (which, again, I’m curious how they’re tallying that as a separate movie). Guardians of the Galaxy slipped one spot from #13 to #14, and Ant Man slipped two spots from #17 to #19.

The Skottie Young variant cover. Isn’t she adorable?

Buzz for Marvel’s new female-led Spider-Man spinoff Silk (writer: Robbie Thompson, art by Stacey Lee) is growing now that the preview has been released. You can see some of the artwork and the variant cover by Skottie Young at ComicBook.Com’s First Look. Silk #1 will be available for purchase on February 18th. Thompson is primarily a TV screenwriter currently writing some of the best written eps of Supernatural since Ben Edlund departed, but this is his first Marvel series and, as far as I can tell, first official comic book writing gig ever. This is not entirely surprising, though, since Marvel has a history of tapping TV writers and having them be ridiculously successful–who else remembers Allan Heinberg’s run of Young Avengers?


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