Romona - science centerRomona Williams

On the 26th we went to shake off the holidays by visiting the Impression 5 Science Center. The museum does not feature as wide an array of displays as many other interactive museums, but it packs a lot into a small space. This structure was in the back lot next to some trash cans and its being a cast-off makes me love it more. I think it’s Pluto and Charon.

Al - mugAl Rosenberg

The triad went to Glazed Expressions this past weekend. Our first visit, about a year ago, led to an AMAZING alligator plate that I use as a fancy serving tray now. This time we all made mugs. My mug was naturally geeky. R made something for a friend and N made mugs for her parents, but I made this lovely creation for myself. It may not look great yet, but after it’s fired it will be my glorious gaming mug. I plan to use it for all of the milk oolong drinking I do whilst gaming and writing about gaming.

Ginnis - mason jarGinnis Tonik

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions (well, I made cooking resolutions because I like to use a new year to master a new technique, food, etc.), I made a “Rememberlutions” jar.  I found the idea on Buzzfeed and thought it was great! The idea is that you decorate a jar and write down memories and accomplishments on scraps of paper that go in the jar. The Buzzfeed went all out in their decorating. I just added a ribbon to an old mason jar I had because it’s my jar and I can do what I want. So far my jar has been filling up with a lot of writing accomplishments and just looking at it makes me grin.

Sarah picSarah Richardson

Over Christmas my partner and I went to London for the very first time. In addition to taking a day trip to see Stonehenge and Bath, we visited a bunch of comic book stores and saw Usagi Yojimbo in play form (yes, they were dressed as rabbit samurai, and yes, it was as awesome as that sounds). It was the Gothic Imagination exhibition at the British Museum that kickstarted my current project, a Gothic Year, in which I’m reading all the Gothic classics and tying them into comics and role-playing games. My partner and I are in agreement that while we missed our families, traveling over Christmas is amazing, so there will be some other trip photos this time next year.

Desiree picDesiree Rodriguez

I finally finished my website! I scrapped my other stuff — this is simpler, easier, and I prefer this method. It’s a combo lifestyle blog about my geeky girl life, and a resources site for comic and media geeks. WordPress was too much trouble and too expensive for a starter like me. But I’m really excited about getting it going. I’ve already posted a couple promos for WWAC, and began my Geek Girl Diaries series. I’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned, such as comic based infographics, my first official trip down cosplay lane, and geeky makeup!

I also finally got an instagram, because Ardo told me so. It’s a lot of power, all those filters. But with power comes great responsibility and all that jazz. So now I’m basically everywhere you can be on social media — well the social sites that matter.

Wendy - grootWendy Browne

My obsession with Funko’s adorable toys continues with my latest addition, Dancing Baby Groot, who sits above me at the office, near to my signed Stan Lee toy. I’ve tried to restrict myself to only one character from each of my fandom loves. I already have the original Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, but I decided that Baby Groot technically does not go against my rules… yes… yes that’s how we’ll justify it….

The best part about my collection is that, with the arrival of The Walking Dead’s Hershel the week before, and a carefully placed Brienne from Game of Thrones, I am slowly converting my co-worker into a full fledged geek. If I can get her playing video games by the end of the year, then my work is done. I will bring you another soul soon, BioWare. Soon.

 Chelsea Ann

The last couple of weeks I have been pretty dedicated to helping my Local Comic Shop. The shop recently purchased their only competition in the city, and combined both shops into a larger one in the up and coming downtown area. Along with the Print Julep Crew, we moved the stores, prepped the new shop, and hosted a shop warming party. And THEN I decided to paint a mural on the giant, white, blank, and boring back wall.  (Paint… in places I didn’t know I could get paint in while fully clothed.) Recognize a few landmarks?

Chelsea - party pic

Chelsea - drinksA few more days and hopefully it will be finished. It’s perched behind the counter where guests will be sitting and signing for events. The billboard will be interchangeable with “I Like Comics Presents” and the guests’ names displayed under that.

Our Shop Warming Party was a total hit with our all-ages drinks like “Kryptonite,” and “The Flash,” and “Captain Marvel.”  (Me pictured with Dan Schkade, Author/artist of San Hannibal.)

Brenda - JediBrenda Noiseux

A new year means a new round of conventions, starting with Arisia. After watching Clone Wars in December, I told myself if I made a Jedi outfit, I could try making a lightsaber. It really killed two birds with one stone. I had a project that was finally portable enough to bring to my Makers meet-up and at least one costume for Arisia. Bonus, I got to wear it the my LCS Stars Ward event and met artist John Tyler Christopher.




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