Bored? Hungover? Soothe Yourself with Some Quick Comic Reads

Happy 2015! Woo woo! *glitter toss* *kazoo noises*

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Kate Beaton WishOh- sorry. You’re hungover, aren’t you? Well, I guess I have a few things that might help you pass the day in peace. In the dark. Under a blanket. With dual carafes of coffee and water.

Things like — comics! Well, editorial cartoons and comic strips. Let’s not get ambitious.

The Nib

What even happened in 2014? I’ve already forgotten. Let The Nib guide you. Editorial cartoonist Matt Bors edits this cartoon blog (mag? thing?) and it’s pretty excellent. The toons are small in size, none being longer than a page, but large in scope — The Nib has political and journalistic cartooning, personal tales, and humour.

Kate Beaton’s Holiday Comics

The holidays aren’t over until you’ve read every one of Kate Beaton’s annual strips about her holidays back home in Cape Breton. Now, shoo. I don’t want to see you again until you’ve memorized all the dad jokes and enjoyed all the momly foibles.

Megg, Mogg, & OwlVICE Comics

Not VICE on comics, but the comic strips that VICE publishes. They’re good. Typically goofy, sexy, funny, and sometimes discomfiting. And they’re short, being comic strips. Ease your way back into the life of the living! Highlights includes Gilbert Hernadez’s Roy In Hollywood, and Simon Hanselmann’s Megg, Mogg, & Owl.

Emily Carroll

Feeling more awake? Ready to start worrying about what horrors the new year might bring? Great! Time for some Emily Carroll comics, like His Face All Red and Out of Skin. Carroll doesn’t rage or wail at the turn-turn-turning of the year, but once that creeping dread settles in… a little fear is healthy, is all I’m saying.

Nick Sumida, SnackiesDarryl Ayo’s Little Garden

Not up for fear, huh? Well how about a just plain nice read? Little Garden is the webcomic for you. (The details, guys, I love the cute little details in this comic.) Treat yourself to a sweet morning/afternoon/evening read.

Nick Sumida’s comics, Tumblr, and whatever

Adorable art, layers of fossilized self-doubt and loathing, and impecable comic timing. Round out your New Year’s day reading with Nick Sumida’s ungentle comics.

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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