Day: January 14, 2015

Get Your Game On Wednesday

Behold! This week’s Get Your Game On Wednesday holds a boon of gaming news with something for everyone! Grab a cup of your favorite refreshment and give yourself a little reading break. You deserve it!   Evolve Xbox One Open Beta starts Thursday With a playable female team member (she’s a scientist!) and a female Wraith monster,…

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On Context

You imagine a clash of civilizations: on one side, progress, on the other, barbarism. “This was an attack on our freedoms. You know they hate our freedoms.” They are one body–amorphous and dark; defined by secrecy with faces covered by beards and veils–threatening the cracks of our warm, welcoming society. “Moderate Muslims should speak out.”…

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Willow Rosenberg (Vampire Willow)

Carmilla, Vamp Willow, and Lesbian Vamps

“What else was the vampire besides sex and horror?” – David Skal, The Monster Show, (2001 edition) The vampire is an expression of sexual anxieties, blurring the lines between fear and desire. Consequently, the vampire bite is often read as a metaphor for penetrative sex, and as many vampire mythoi involve hypnosis or glamouring of…