The Twin Peaks Log: S.1 E.7

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Welcome to our biweekly roundtable of Twin Peaks where we are working our way through every. Single. Episode. Some of us are regulars and some of us newbies, but none of our experiences are the same. So get yourself a damn fine cup of coffee, watch along with us, and feel free to chime in on the comments section. Say anything you like, our log does not judge. Note: The first installment of Twin Peaks is commonly referred to as The Pilot while the second episode aired is considered to be Episode One. We will be designating each episode using this criteria. The 8th installment of Twin Peaks is Episode 7.

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Dr. Jacoby is such a depressing guy. He surrounds himself with so many positive indicators, like the island decorating aesthetic, the constant luau music, and the touristy vacation shirts. But in actuality he is a sad, sad man. Jacoby was clearly in love with Laura and was willing to believe she was still alive even after attending her funeral, which speaks volumes to his level of delusion. I want to avoid making a blanket generalization of all guidance counselors, but I can definitely say that every student counselor I had growing up had the same personality type as this guy. Their offices were covered in inspirational posters, they played soothing music, and seemed absolutely miserable. Poor Dr. Jacoby.


Murder! Intrigue! Gambling! Pregnancy! Arson! Suicide! Possible incest!

This was a big night in sleepy little Twin Peaks, wasn’t it? Lots of shadowy figures in leather jackets shooting people, framing people, or smothering people. I’m glad I discovered Twin Peaks in the era of home video and didn’t have to wait several months for the season 2 premiere to resolve these cliffhangers (well, as much as Twin Peaks “resolves” anything.)

Back to the beginning. At One Eyed Jack’s, we’re treated to the one-two punch of Dale Cooper in a tuxedo and glasses, and Audrey Horne in sexy card-themed lingerie. I’m shocked that building didn’t burn, given the uncontrolled blaze of hotness inside. When Jacques tells Cooper about his night with Leo and Laura, we’re treated to more fantastic acting from Maclachlan. We see the anger and horror in his eyes as he hears about what was done to Laura, but he can’t react or let his mask fall.

Meanwhile, James and Donna’s amateur sleuthing quickly gojames, twin peaks, sour, and Dr. Jacoby is assaulted and has a heart attack while looking at “Laura.” They may not have beaten him, but their actions put his life in danger. Everyone is sick of James’s shit in this episode. Bobby frames him, Laura’s voice message calls him “dumb,” and even the eternally kind Cooper is out of patience. Just get on your bike and go, James.

Catherine and Pete have a touching heart-to-heart. I think Eraserhead and Carrie White’s Mom just might make it, you guys! Except for the part where they both rush into a raging inferno.

This episode was written and directed by Mark Frost, but the random hunchback at One Eyed Jack’s who’s seen sewing a giant playing card onto Audrey’s outfit is just such a wonderfully odd, Lynchian detail.

COOPER’S BEEN SHOT. Twin Peaks certainly wouldn’t let something terrible happen to Cooper…would it?


I love tiki stuff, rum drinks, and surfing documentaries, so I think Dr. Jacoby and I could hang, except for how creepy he seems. Maybe I can house-sit while he recovers from his heart attack/concussion.

When one of the One-Eyed Jack’s ladies propositions Cooper, he says, “Maybe later. Thanks for asking.” THANKS FOR ASKING? He is the most polite and gracious person in the world. That’s the kind of thing that’ll blow your cover, especially if you attract too much attention by winning a lot at blackjack.twin peaks, jacques,

I love the “Hello, my name is” nametag Jacques has to wear. Walter Olkewicz, who plays Jacques, has really pretty eyes.

Audrey. What is your plan here? When you got a job at One-Eyed Jack’s, what did you think your job was going to be? Did you think this through?

Andy heroically shoots Jacques. Everybody is really encouraging to him about it. It’s…sweet?

James heroically listens to Laura’s tape where she calls him “dumb” in the same room with Donna and Maddie and somehow doesn’t crumble into dust.

Is Leo the least sympathetic character on the show? He has no redeeming qualiticatherine, pete, twin peaks,

Catherine and Pete have a complicated relationship similar to a few I’ve seen in real life. I think they love each other even if they usually don’t like each other that much.

A new mystery! Why does Andy act so upset about Lucy’s pregnancy?

Have you noticed the “Say NO to Ghostwood” meeting posters in the Double R Diner?

Hank says he and Norma will have been together 20 years “next month.” That makes them my age. They do not seem like my peers. They seem like grownups.

“I can’t understand a word you’re saying. You have a thing in your mouth.” Piper Laurie’s delivery on that is so damn funny.

While all the cops are back at the station patting each other on the back and interrogating James Hurley’s dumb ass, they leave the murder suspect unguarded and he gets smothered by Twin Peaks’ most openly traumatized citizen.

Meanwhile, “Hester Prynne” gets her first client and it’s a worst-case scenario like whoa. A lot of creepy things happen on this show, but this one is right up there.

Oh yeah, and add Cooper to the growing list of characters who got shot. Season finale cliffhanger!

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One more thing. There is a major overlap of actors from Twin Peaks that later starred in Seinfeld:

Grace Zabriskie = Sarah Palmer/Mrs. Ross

Warren Frost = Dr. Hayward/Mr. Ross

Walter Olkewicz = Jacques/A cable company worker (starred in the episode “The Cadillac”)

And there’s even more in Season Two that have dual roles. Maybe Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld are Twin Peaks fans and worked as many people into the cast that they could.

Am I missing anyone else from Season One?

Note: My parents loved Seinfeld. I couldn’t forget the actors’ faces if I tried.

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