Shopping for the Lesbian Superhero in Your Life? Autostraddle’s Got You Covered

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Batwoman PosterAutostraddle covers comics? Why yes it does, and quite nicely if you ask me.

This morning they published the most important gift guide they’ll put out during this holiday season: Lesbian Superheroes (And Other Comic Stuff for Queer Lady-Types). Yesss, yesss, more of this.

In a strange coincidence, (diversity makes for good comics? NO WAY!) their comics recommendations also happen to be some of the year’s best, like Saga, Ms. Marvel, The Wicked + The Divine, and Lumberjanes. The merch section includes t-shirts, toys, and posters — which has only made me sorry not to have commissioned a poster and art print gift guide for our humble comics website. *makes a note*

It’s still Cyber Monday for some of you fine people, so click through to Autostraddle and start satisfying the Lesbian Superhero (caps required) in your life.

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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