Preacher Adaptation Gets an AMC Pilot

The small-screen adaptations of beloved comics series continue: AMC has picked up a pilot episode of the TV adaptation of Preacher.

Executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, as well as episode writer/showrunner Breaking Bad alumnus Sam Catlin, will be bringing the first of (hopefully) many episodes to geek and non-geek audiences alike.

No word on casting, air dates, or possible storyline changes yet; however, Rogen and Goldberg have reaffirmed their love of the Preacher series in a joint statement, which suggests that they might attempt to stick to the spirit of the comic. This would be a change from DC Entertainment’s recent TV adaptations – Constantine or Gotham, anyone? – and is emblematic of a new trend in small-screen versions of comics, wherein the plan is to bring as much as possible of a comic to life rather than to make mass amounts of network-friendly alterations.

We do know that the theme song for the TV series will be Willie Nelson’s “Time of the Preacher Man,” which protagonist Jesse Custer sings at the start of the comic while walking down a deserted road. Whatever happens, these guys have clearly been paying attention. Here’s hoping it all works out.

Kelly Kanayama

Kelly Kanayama

Staff Writer Kelly was born and raised in Honolulu but now lives in Scotland. She has has an MA with Distinction in Creative Writing, and is currently pursuing a PhD (look! There it goes!) on transatlantic narratives in contemporary comics. As a half-Japanese, half-Filipina woman, she believes that white vinegar is the answer to most of life's problems.