“Percy Jackson could be Homer.”

Percy Jackson coverRecommended Listening: On this week’s episode of CBC’s The Sunday Edition, Michael Enright interviewed literary historian, Adam Nicholoson. His new book, The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters, argues that the Illiad is, well, the best thing ever, and that Homer continues to be of enormous cultural importance. Obvs, Adam!

This segment is worth a listen for Adam and Michael’s interrogation of the Illiad (actually a hideously depressing poem, friends, not a celebration of warriors. Yes Troy, I am looking at you) but really shines when Michael brings up the Percy Jackson books. I expected at least a verbal eye roll from Adam, but no, he says that Percy Jackson could be Homer: Percy the character and the Percy Jackson stories would be well at home in the Homeric tradition; the great dividing line between Rick Riordan and Homer is poetics.

Sorry Rick Riordan, no love for your prose here, but much appreciation for the fun tales.

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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