Fans Rally to #SaveStorm

If you haven’t heard of #SaveStorm you’ve either been living under a rock or surfing space with Captain Marvel.

Recent sales for Storm have been less than great, sending a ripple of anxiety fabout the series’ longevity in fans’ hearts everywhere. The cancellations of New Warriors, She-Hulk, Elektra, and All New X-Factor are just recent examples of good comics being axed before they could find an audience.  It’s clear that Marvel is willing to cancel a series at a moments notice, if the numbers aren’t up to snuff.


When the numbers for October’s titles were released, showing that Storm was below the cancellation line — which is around 20,000 issues per month — fans rallied to save Storm. The movement — which started out as a single Tumblr post by tumblr user professorthorgi and became a Twitter hashtag that later trended — has blown up.

In In Your Face: #SaveStorm, Brett White, Assistant Editor at Comic Book Resources,  called for fans not to let this comic die.  “I’m not letting it happen again,” he writes, after outlining both She-Hulk and Elektra’s sales numbers and how Storm currently lies between both, now canceled, series.

The DailyDot also published recommendations on how fans can save Storm from cancellation, such as pre-ordering copies.  Writer Greg Pak did an interview with VixenVarsity, saying that he has been “moved” by the #SaveStorm campaign.  “It means a lot to know how much the character and book mean to so many different people.”

The movement has even gotten everyone’s favorite digital comic shop ComiXolgoy involved.  They’re offering a limited time free copy of Storm #1.

Storm is one of the most popular characters in the X-Men cast. She’s been a part of the X-Men for decades as a teammate, teacher, and leader. Storm has also been an Avenger, both in Marvel’s Avengers Adventures and in the main 616 universe for a short period of time, and a queen. From time to time, she has been depicted as a goddess and was even able to lift Thor’s hammer. Storm is one of the first black superheroes, the first black female superhero, and is the most famous female superhero of color to date.

If Marvel had a Wonder Woman, it’d be Storm. With her range of influence, history, and representative importance Storm has been a fan-favorite and influential character for decades. Storm’s on-going solo has all the makings of a great title. It’s what fans have been asking for and now that it’s here we just need to pull together and #SaveStorm.

Desiree Rodriguez

Desiree Rodriguez

Desiree Rodriguez is currently majoring in Converged Communications. She's a writer, geek girl, and proud queer mestiza woman. Desiree is an entertainment writer for The Tempest, and contributor for Nerds of Color. Desiree has written for The Young Folks, The Feminist Wire, and Geeked Out Nation.