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Happy Friday, crusaders! Today’s news comes to you from beneath the person-eating pile of work that landed on me this morning. Let’s see what’s new in the world of DC, shall we?

How is this picture not a meme?
How is this picture not a meme?

The Suicide Squad cast is official! And it includes Will Smith as Deadshot, which is simultaneously nothing I ever considered and awesome — the Fresh Prince definitely has the insouciance necessary for the part — which is good, because the rest of the cast (barring Jai Courtney) is, like, totally Dullsville, man. Jared Leto (zzzzzz), Margot Robbie (zzzzzzzzz x 2), Tom Hardy…wake me up when Hollywood is less monochromatic.

We got a few more Suicide Squad clues from director David Ayer, who asks the not-at-all-cliche question: “Can bad people do good things? ” so I guess that’s a teaser, even if it’s also the basic premise of the entire comic.

Superman_in_Red_SonStephen Amell wants all the DC TV franchises to crossover, which should come as a surprise to literally no one who has ever read anything he’s written or said about the DC TV franchises. Hey, put them all on the salmon ladder and I’ll be happy.

Guys, CONVERGENCE is going to put Superman and Red Son in a comic together and I am SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT.

Speaking of CONVERGENCE, Dan DiDio thinks we won’t “ever find a better expression of heroism.” Quit underselling it, Dan!

Have a great weekend, crusaders!

Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

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