Mighty Marvel Monday: All New Now New Newer Nowest

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Monday again, Marvel again!

Image Via Newsarama: http://www.newsarama.com/22659-does-all-new-marvel-mean-a-marvel-reboot.html
Image via Newsarama.


Well, conspiracy theorists, you might be justified in your ramblings: a Marvel total-reboot may very well be on the way — and not one of those “All-New Marvel Now Newiest Nower New” types. Like, a New52 style total unplug-it-and-plug-it-back-in type. This makes sense in a lot of ways — it would help them bring the comics universe in line with the movie universe, and it would generate lots of #1s which lead to juicy sales. We’ll see if this is more than a rumor — but it’s certainly worth giving more credence than we might have before.

For some reason, Marvel is launching a webseries on food and comics, where comic creators and publishers will have food cooked for them. Why? Because why the hell not, you’re not their real dad.

A pixelated image of bug-themed hero Ant-Man villain, the also bug-themed Yellowjacket, has leaked! Bugs!

Image from The Mary Sue: http://www.themarysue.com/captain-marvel-toy/
Image from The Mary Sue

Captain Marvel finally gets her own figure, complete with weird decapitated old man head! Just like in the comics, kids!

Marvel may have made that winky-cute joke about HYDRA leaking the Age of Ultron trailer, but now they’re out to sue your ass: they just subpoenaed Google using the DMCA to release the information of whoever posted the trailer. Wasn’t the plot of Winter Soldier something about the evils of mass surveillance? No? Just ignore me, then.
Enjoy your week, and who knows: maybe we will know who is playing Doctor Strange? We can dream, though. We can dream.

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