By Hera! Michelle MacLaren to Helm Wonder Woman

WW 2006 #24

We told you a few weeks ago that Warner Bros. was seeking a female director for the Wonder Woman movie, and sought — and found — one they have! Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad, The X-Files) has been signed to direct and help develop the movie.

I have to say, I had my fingers crossed for a female director, even though it seemed unlikely that Hollywood would chance such a big movie to a fragile female mind. (What if she made it all emotional?) In fact:

Sources say there was pressure from within to hire a woman for the job as the character has such a strong association with the notion of female empowerment. But at the same time, Hollywood realities were forcing producers and execs to acknowledge that while women directors increasingly work in the indie drama spheres or in TV comedy, few have taken on big-budget, CG-laden tentpoles. In fact, in recent history of comic book movies, no project has been directed by a woman.

Seems like this is a pretty good place to start. Wonder Woman blazing a trail for successes to come? That sounds just about perfect to me.

Just don’t forget the talking gorillas.

Wonder Woman 2006 #25 Simone Chang DC Comics
Laura Harcourt

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