Tales from the Twitter: R.L. Stine Started a Twitter Horror Story Trend

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R.L. Stine, the author of numerous YA horror books, integral to the intellectual growth of 90s kids such as myself, is experiencing a revival of sorts. The 90’s nostalgia so well generated by Buzzfeed…and people like myself is certainly helping. (Okay, maybe it’s more Buzzfeed.)

On October 29, Stine wrote a short horror story via Twitter. The story, What’s in My Sandwich, fits well into the Goosebumps canon and utilizes the campy gore that Stine excels at. Here’s a little excerpt:

..They are biting holes in Willy from the inside, poking their furry heads out of his stomach, chewing his flesh…

-R.L. Stine (@RL_Stine) October 29, 2014

Not only has What’s in My Sandwich generated quite the buzz, but with the help of The Guardian it also struck Twitter gold – it generated a hashtag: #GdnScaryTales. Take a look at the creative (and not-so creative) scary stories that Twitterers have generated. Some of them are as simple as taxes while others are classic horror.

Notably, this isn’t Stine’s first Twitter tale. In fact, Twitter has been quite good to Stine. He wrote a story called The Brave Kid in 2012 in honor of Friday the 13th. Further, It was a fan tweet for new Fear Street books that helped Stine generate enough interest to relaunch the series. Party Games was released this month, and there’s more to come (including The Cheerleaders – I am so excited!).

Check him out on Twitter. No noob to PR, Stine is all about the twenty and thirty-somethings audience who devoured his Goosebumps and Fear Street series as children. While I hope the revival of Fear Street will bring newer and younger readers into Stine’s world of gleefly offing teenagers, I have no doubt his older fans will hang on tightly. Youth, is that you?

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