Mighty Marvel Monday: Very Secret Meetings **UPDATE**

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Happy Monday, Marvel readers! This week is pretty much all movie news, sorry about it:

Just three dudes hanging out
Just three dudes hanging out

You guys saw the leaked Age of Ultron trailer, right? And then Marvel tweeted that totally boss joke about how it was Hydra that leaked it? Right? Remember when Dis-Marvel achieved ultimate brand synergy by having James SpadUltron quote Pinocchio?

Remember when Chris Hemsworth didn’t have his shirt on?

Anyway, Marvel decided to give in to the probably not totally intentional leak and posted the trailer officially, which has gone on to be their most-viewed piece of YouTube media ever. No shock there.


Marvel is allegedly holding a secret-ish press conference Tuesday, where they will likely try to keep up with DC’s recent nerdgasm of movie announcements by locking down their extended release schedule – and maybe finally tell us who will play Doctor Strange? Maybe? My prediction: a baby in a wig and fake mustache.

Anchorman’s Adam McKay is doing more than just help out with Ant-Man: he is apparently in talks for up to five movies with Marvel Studios. CBR presents a hypothetical list here, and I ask you, readers: do you actually want to see a Fraction-style Hawkeye movie starting Jeremy Renner? I’m going to be real with you all here and let you know my dream casting for a Fraction Clint: Jensen Ackles. Dreamy!

Here is an interview with Latour, Rodriguez and Renzi about Spider-Gwen AAAAHHHH IT’S ALL HAPPENING

Okay, I am in constant meetings today, so I am out until next week. Think about it: when next we speak, we may actually know who will be playing Stephen Strange! It will be a brave new world.

UPDATE: well, we do know who is playing Doctor Strange, and sooner than we thought: word is out that Benedict Cumberbatch has indeed been cast as Stephen Strange. We’re taking a poll on our twitter to guage reactions — which team are you on? #teamYES, #teamNO, or #teamWHATEVS?
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