Mighty Marvel Monday: OMG Skwrrrl Grrrl

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Happy Monday you guys — WAIT, SQUIRREL GIRL.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1. W: Ryan Q North. A: Erica Henderson. Image from Entertainment Weekly. Marvel, 2015.
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Image from Entertainment Weekly.

Yes, Marvel pulls one from deep left field and gives us a Squirrel Girl ongoing written by Ryan Q North (of Dinosaur Comics and the excellent Midas Flesh), drawn by Erica Henderson (a living, breathing female human who creates lovely art — see, it’s not that hard to find those, comics bosses!) Unbeatable Squirrel Girl drops in January. In the meantime, enjoy this weird day, where “Twin Peaks,” “Squirrel Girl,” and “Raven Symone” can trend side-by-side on Twitter.

Rumors are circulating again that Fantastic Four will be cancelled with issue #645, with a solicit from Hachette claiming that “the end is Fourever.” There has been a lot of chatter over the past year that Marvel will cancel the series over it’s beef with Fox, but Marvel has never commented officially on whether or not that’s true, though according to CBR, several sources have confirmed that a hiatus is planned. FACT: A “hiatus” is not the same thing as a cancellation. This is a decades-old major comics title, not your local all-dad garage band. 

Will Marvel focus on different characters in Avengers 3? No, they probably will not.

Robert Downey, Jr. is a troll, everyone. He is a troll. He does not really want Mel Gibson to direct Iron Man 4.

Photo credit: Kevin Winters for Getty Images.
Image by Kevin Winters for Getty Images, from Screen Crush.

It seems pretty likely that All-New X-Force will be cancelled as of issue #20 (no comment from Marvel. Man, Marvel is on a no-commentin’ streak today!). This probably means no Gambit for a while…that is, until we get to see the first horseman of the apocalypse, Channing Tatum Gambit (or, Chambit).

I will be at NYCC this week, collecting your Marvel news announcements first-hand, hittin’ the pavement, asking the tough questions (such as “why is this line so long?” and “why is it $10 for a bottle of water?”). See you next Monday with the inside scoop, long after you’ve already read it on the internet!

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