Kickstarter of the Week: Unshelved Goes Digital

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Back in 2002, Unshelved appeared as a webcomic sharing the stories of a small public library. The 10 collections have never been made into e-books — which bring us to our Kickstarter of the Week.

The Unshelved Goes Digital Kickstarter campaign aims to make all 12 years’ worth of webcomics into DRM-free e-books. The brainchild of Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum, the Unshelved follows the staff of a small library and their interactions with the patrons who come to visit. For example, in the fourth strip a patron complains to a staff member that there’s a girl pretending to be blind before taking it upon herself to talk to the girl in the next one.

Unshelved USB kickstarter imageI’ll admit the thing that first caught my eye was the card catalog drawer USB. As someone who spent hours upon hours in libraries, the beloved card catalog has a special place in my heart. Available at the $40 backer level, backers can receive the ebook collection on a custom card catalog USB. As a special add-on, backers can get the Never Forget t-shirt as well.

Additionally,  if they meet their goals, they’ll donate ebooks to libraries to circulate for free.

Backer rewards run from the $20 level fro DRM-free ebooks of volumes 1-10 through the $1,000 level for a dinner party for eight with the creators. If you’re feeling feisty, the $200 level gives you a chance to complain about anything you like while on a call with the creators.

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Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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