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Another week, another boatload of stories about how GamerGate is truly getting out of hand. Lest you think that’s all there is in the world of gaming, here’s a recap of what’s new.

Squee for joy! It’s an Alpha Black Lotus!

When one geek is excited, we’re all excited! Youtube user openboosters has been opening vintage Magic the Gathering cards and posting the videos to their channel. As part of the Common card giveaway, the opener gets a surprise by finding one of the most rare cards made. Skip ahead to minute 8:10 if you’re not into all the common card details. You can’t help but smile at his excitement.

Eve: Valkyrie coverGame-to-comic crossover: Eve: Valkyrie

As if I don’t need both games and comics taking my money at the same time, the Eve: Valkyrie miniseries was announced last week by Dark Horse at New York Comic Con (NYCC). The title expected to be out in June 2015 is being written by Brian Wood, who wrote one of my favorite series, DMZ. The art is by Eduardo Francisco and the initial image is gorgeous!  June seems so far away.

Unreal Engine 4.5 released

The popular game development tool released version 4.5 on Tuesday. With over 40 enhancements, the release also includes more tools for self-taught game developers, including an all new tutorial system and some game templates.

GirlsGotGame contest flierGot Game? Ladies-only board game design contest

Show the world the types of games you want to play. One Small Step Games, publisher of Ares Magazine, is hosting its second Game Design Contest! Winner gets $100 and a chance at publication in the magazine. The deadline is December 15th, so dust off those ideas and make it happen!



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