The DC Daily Planet: Fox News is Totally Up On Comics, Guys

Today in DC, Fox News laments Wonder Woman’s pants (?), Supergirl is getting a new origin story (scandal!), and Harley Quinn breaks the fourth wall (like usual). Let’s dig in.

Fox News is petitioning for the return of Wonder Woman’s hot pants! It’s just not the same now that “they’ve stuck her in a pants suit,” amirite, fellas?

For reference, this is the costume they mean:

Wonder Woman 601 Straczynski Kramer Lee DC Comics 2010

If they had that in puce, I could totally see it on Hillary Clinton. Pro tip: pant suits can be both professional and stylish. Try adding some metallics and a Lasso of Truth for a fun “office superhero” look!

Of course, this costume was created and last seen in 2010, but this is good news, everyone! Fox News is only four years behind the rest of us! I can’t wait until 2018 to get their opinion on Marvel commissioning covers from Milo Manara and whether Jess is wearing too much clothing in them.

Sources say this news item was followed by the anchors doing a windmill high five, playing Angry Birds, and speculating on whether or not this newfangled photo-sharing site, “Instagram,” will take off.

Kara Zor-El may get a rebooted origin story in the CBS Supergirl show. This is terrible, because it’s a thing that’s never happened before, ever.

Kara will reportedly be a 24-yeard old Kryptonian girl who also escaped the destruction of her home planet, and hiding her powers while living on Earth.

Supergirl Action Comics 252 Sherman Plastino Binder 1959
So….NOT this?


DC will release a scratch-and-sniff comics for Harley Quinn, because they, like Fox News, are embracing a sense of nostalgia for the past. Seriously, has scratch-and-sniff been popular since 1993?

In an interview with IGN, Harley Quinn writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti stated that certain parts of the issue will be “Rub-and-Smell,” starting with Harley’s leather bombshell outfit. The two also commented on how difficult it was to place not only the smells themselves, but where readers were supposed to rub on the page (for obvious reasons).

I don’t know, that worn-in leather scent really isn’t all that appealing. Hang around some cosplayers and you’ll get the same effect!

A couple of sites want to ensure us that Robin Lord Taylor’s portrayal of the Penguin in Fox’s Gotham is inspired by the DC comics character, which is good to know.

Happy Feet Disney Corporation 2006
I was sure it was this guy.

The Flash is adding one of DC’s first openly gay characters to their line-up. No word yet on whether his sexuality “won’t be a crucial aspect of his character,” but expect to see the Pied Piper popping up in Wally’s rogues gallery sometime during the first season.

That’s all for now, caped crusaders! Got thoughts? Leave ’em in the comments below!



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