The DC Daily Planet: December Solicits

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The DC December solicitations are out, and does anyone else find that wording a little strange? Anyway, here’s what we learned from it: Gail Simone’s new Secret Six will hit the ground running, The Multiversity is taking “a breathtaking journey to Earth-5” and will feature Captain Marvel, who I thought was Shazam these days?

And Constantine is looking the most Constantine ever.

Constantine #7, DC Comics, December Solicits, JUAN FERREYRA
“I never knew the old Vienna before the war with its Strauss music, its glamour and easy charm…”



Speaking of Constantine, DC will be republishing Constantine #1 and Hellblazer #1 in time for the new show premiering this fall. Both the 64-page Constantine #1: Special Edition and Hellblazer flip book (what does that even mean?) will be on offer for the sky-high price of one dollar each. Okay.


This geeky dad took to the blogosphere (is that a word anymore?) to vent about the lack of female characters in DC’s board game, Justice League: Axis of Villains. As in, there are none. Zero. Zip. As his friend says, “It’s the friggin’ Justice League. They’ve got to have Wonder Woman, at least.”



Considering this is the Justice League as I know it:
Ladies? What ladies?

But the game does not, in fact, even have Wonder Woman, at least. Instead, you can play as Superman, Green Lantern, Batman or The Flash. No word on whether or not Batman can at least be Princess Batman, but I choose to believe that’s the default.

Anyway, Peter Brett’s daughter was super disappointed (as are we all. DC, go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done), so dad did a little digging and found that another exasperated player had created control pads for six of DC’s female heroes: Wonder Woman, Vixen, Oracle, Huntress, Hawkgirl, and Zatanna. Creative fans save the day once again!

But seriously, DC, do better. Don’t shake your heads and say there’s no audience for games or characters aimed at girls, when you’re passively, pre-emptively cutting them out of the fun like this.

How was your week, readers? Got any news to share? Leave it in the comments!


Supergirl has landed — on CBS!

Supergirl Gif, Roysartwork, DC Comics, 2014

Yes, your favorite Maid of Might has snagged a series commitment from CBS, home of goofy comedies and police procedurals. Seems like a good move for CBS, finally putting a foot in the door before it closes and joining the superhero TV cool crowd.

Are you excited? I’M SO EXCITED.

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