Mighty Marvel Monday: R U READY 4 SIXIS

Marvel Comics Logo, Marvel Worldwide Inc, The Walt Disney Company, 2000

Howdy, Monday people! I am out of town speaking at a conference about the importance of geek culture in public library programming, so I am writing this Mighty Marvel Monday installment wearing a blazer and dress pants, making it the classiest article I’ve ever written.


Avengers/X-Men Axis #1. W: Rick Remender A: Jim Cheung. Marvel Comics 2014.


Only thirty days left until SIXIS I mean AXIS! Get ready to be totally apathetic for this Fall’s probably-can-miss event! Here is some info for you about what to expect when the Avengers and the X-men team up rather than bicker like superpowered schoolchildren!


The legal battle between Dis-Marvel and Jack Kirby’s estate finally settled, to an undisclosed financial amount. This is a nice thing. If you haven’t kept up the the case, I suggest looking into it, as it is an interesting look at the way copyright law worked at the dawn of the comics era.

SNL made fun of Marvel , Superheroes, and nerd culture in general when Star-Lord hosted this week. Chris Pratt wore a Prince Valiant wig to play He-Man and a different kind of wig to play Princess Leia. SNL is still a television program.


Evan Peter’s Quicksilver, the thing we all expected to hate and then weirdly loved from Days of Future Past, now has a fake Instagram account to promote the DVD release of the film, because this is how we do advertising now. Entertaining activity: imagine Don Draper pitching this idea in a tense meeting on Mad Men.

Captain Marvel #1. W: Kelly Sue DeConnick A: Dexter Soy. Marvel Comics, 2013.
Sorry, Carol.


Your wildly unfounded rumor of the day: The Avengers 2 post-credits tease will feature Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange. Remember when Carol was going to be in the Guardians of the Galaxy post-credits and instead we got (SPOILERS IF YOU ARE THE ONE PERSON WHO HASN’T SEEN GOTG YET/LIVE IN A CAVE OF MOLE PEOPLE) Howard-the-effing-Duck? We might see Stevesy, with an actual film really in the works,  but we can probably already call that there will be no Carol.

Okay, time to rock this pantsuit. See you next week!

Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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