Life Geek! Week: 08/29-9/4/14


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Homemade Brown Butter Pistachio Donuts by GinnisGinnis Tonik, Lifestyle Editor

In the states, we celebrated Labor Day. I made baked brown butter and pistachio doughnuts. The saltiness of the pistachios perfectly cut the sweetness of the doughnuts. You can find the recipe here. I also went to the grand opening of Hypnotic Donuts and had their Evil Elvis – a yeast donut topped with peanut butter, bacon, bananas, and honey. It’s been a very donut-y week. (Also, I ate it before I could take a picture, #sorrynotsorry.)

Sarah Richardson, Staff Writer

Homemade Buttermilk Waffles w/Honey Creme Syrup and Strawberries Dungeon World Campaign by Sarah

This weekend I made Roasted Strawberry and Buttermilk ice cream (courtesy of Jeni’s book) and had leftover buttermilk and strawberry puree. Which led to buttermilk waffles covered in honey creme syrup and said strawberries. Then on Labor Day, I spent about five or six hours finishing the Dungeon World campaign with friends. The outrageously fun player characters (PCs) got up to the following antics:

  • Sneaking around an enemy camp by disguising themselves as zombies using corpse parts.
  • Finding out the magic ring a satyr had given them was a Ring of Orgasm.
  • Killing a necromancer and foiling his plans of world domination.
  • Discovering a door in the bowels of the undead dragon they put down.

We take turns running different games for a few sessions, and this was my turn to GM (game master). All three PCs survived the final confrontation, so we can always come back to this game in the future. Right now I’ll take a much-needed break from GMing, and am really looking forward to playing in the next game.

Handchalk by Al

Al Rosenberg, Staff Writer

My roommates and I had a Labor Day BBQ/potluck. I bought a grill for the Fourth of July and am slowly becoming a grill master! I hand-chalked this blackboard in our kitchen for the event in the last few moments before guests arrived. It’s a modified line from Joseph Millar’s “Labor Day” poem.


Ardo Omer, Staff Writer

Ardo - Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Ardo - Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

This past long weekend, I traveled to Manhattan with my family, and we checked out the new Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. over at Discovery Times Square. I became a probationary agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. with a cool ID to match and was ushered into a white room with other fellow operatives to await debriefing. I was only able to take a photo of the debriefing room before being told that, due to classified intel we would be shown, no pictures were allowed to be taken while in the exhibit. There were costumes of our favourite avengers, rooms dedicated to SHIELD agents like Black Widow and Maria Hill, a Hulk room, a Thor room, a Captain America room, and an Iron Man room. It was an interactive experience that offered great scientific explanations behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you’re ever in town, check it out.

Wendy Browne, Staff Writer

Wendy with Stan Lee!

After almost ten years away from the behind-the-scenes, I spent the last week working at Fan Expo Canada. With my attention mainly focused on exhibitor relations, I didn’t get to experience much of the convention–not that I expected to. For a convention this big, so much is going on behind the scenes and everyone needs to be go- go-go all day long. That said, I did get to sneak out of the office for a few minutes to start my Funko Pop Collection. Oh, and to touch the hem of Stan Lee’s garment. *squee*

Romona's Cloudy the Cloud

Romona Williams, Staff Writer

Last week Detroit had a massive power outage, so we spent our evening crafting by candlelight. Meet Cloudy the Cloud.

Claire Napier, Features Ed

Claire's Tribute

I combined my favourite Sanrio character with my favourite egg-peeler in this tribute to sleazy/enjoyable Rourkespoitation VHS classic Angel Heart. It’s this week’s masterpiece. (I also finished editing the first episode of a new podcast, but… the egg is the thing.)

 Chelsea Ann, Staff Writer

Peach Pie in honor of Rat Queen's Peaches clanDid a Rat Queens dinner (expect an entire post on it soon!). Baked a peach pie in honor of the Peaches clan.



Ginnis Tonik

Ginnis Tonik

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