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Ginnis Tonik, Lifestyle Editor

Life Geek 09.19.14 - Ginnis Peach Pie

I made a peach paprika pie – sounds a little different, huh? On first bite, it tastes like a pretty typical fruit pie, but then it has these slightly spicy back-notes from the paprika and white pepper. I was skeptical at first, but very pleased with the end result. I got the recipe from the Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book. It’s one of my favorite pie books, but sometimes it gets cloyingly white hipster like when they suggest using a vintage hand-cranked apple peeler to peel apples – “Oh, how quaint and charming – it’s practically plebeian!” (epic eye roll).

Jamie, Columnist

Life Geek 09.19.14 - Jamie T-shirt press

I’ve been pricing T-shirt press machines because I found that while using an iron is technically feasible, it doesn’t bring the nice results I would’ve liked to have seen on my last cosplay.

The difficulty factor (and danger of my klutzy self burning myself!) made me decide to cut corners and use duct-tape rather than do the vinyl heat transfer more than once. It worked okay for a one-off, but once the costume piece went into the wash, the duct tape started peeling and looking really grubby and gross. So if I want it to look right and survive a wash, I have to use heat transfer vinyl properly.

The machines are ridonkulous expensive most of the time, though — the little ones start at almost $200.  Even though I just got gift cards for my birthday, hasn’t got any I can afford!  Anybody got a line on an inexpensive one?

Romona, Staff Writer

Life Geek 09.19.14 - Romona Victorian Festival

As mentioned in the last Life Geek, I like to dabble in photography. It’s a casual hobby, but I enjoy formulating excuses to take massive amounts of photos. A town near me holds an annual Victorian Festival which was full of picture worthy people and events, but my best shots came from the terrifying county fair-style rides. This clown was part of the decor of a carousel that I snapped mid-spin.

Carolina, staff writer

Life Geek 09.19.14 - Carolina Robin cosplay

I did my first cosplay! (I am Robin in the picture; I’m in lack of a solo pic). It is inspired by Stephanie Brown’s Robin outfit, except I decided to go with my natural hair instead of blonde. It was very fun, but I felt weird when people asked to take pictures with me! And I’m bad at posing. I’ll get the hang of it, though. In this event, the more experienced cosplayers were kind, and an awesome Mystique helped me posing for a fight; the final result looked nice. Now I want to do it more times. Oh, and sewing my costume was very gratifying!

Brenda, News Writer

Life Geek 09.19.14 - Brenda granitecon
Photo by Brian Ducharme

I spent the weekend volunteering at Granitecon. The con is put on by my LCS. I last minute moderated a couple Sketch Off panels with some super talented artists and got to moderate my women’s comics discussion group the League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen panel.



Ginnis Tonik

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