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This party is starting early and going late — the staff will be GIFing it up until Sunday night — the way all the best parties do, so join us in a for a marathon safe(ish) space party post.

What’s a SSPP, you ask? I’m so happy you did ask, friends — it’s downtime, a breather, a place for us to unload, and for you to lay down your burdens and just enjoy each other’s support and company. I know a lot of you are having hard times, and many of us are too. Yesterday we thought, why not throw a party and invite all of our friends? (Ahem, that’s you.)

We’re saying safe(ish) rather than safe because we’re a diverse group of people communicating on the internet, but we’ll do our best to make sure everyone has a good time. BRING ME YOUR GIFS, YOUR VIDEOS, AND YOUR STORIES OF TRIUMPH.

Html you need to use is:

<img src=”gif url” alt=”whatever caption”>

Please note that comments are moderated by default on WWAC, but if you violate the good vibes of this post with ignorance or bigotry you will be banned instantly and permanently. Come not into the party post with hate in your heart (or GIFs).

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