Month: August 2014

Love, Lizzie: A Secret Diary Review

In 2012, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (fondly known as LBD) brought the familiar and beloved novel Pride and Prejudice to a relatively new online platform as a webseries, and the results were nothing less than extraordinary. Jane Austen’s characters shifted into grad students, aspiring fashion designers, medical students, and CEOs, their lives and uncertainties closer…

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#WWACNerdMovie Was Incredibly Fun

Wednesday July 30th was the inaugural #WWACNerdMovie Night, in which we get together to watch a classic nerd movie and live tweet our snarky little hearts out. This month’s movie was Barbarella, a film that practically whimpers with ecstatic joy to be snarked upon. And snark we did.

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All Ages Summer Book Club — August Pick

In the Twitter talk about our June pick, we discussed the prevalence of depressing plotlines in children’s fiction, such as death, disease, and abuse. Many books utilize these themes to give their stories empathetic pull; it’s near impossible to read about a kid dealing with mortality or exploitation without feeling invested. It’s a powerful tool…