August Staff Picks: Comics

Displaced Persons  Derek McCulloch (Writer) and Anthony Peruzzo (Artist)   Image Displaced Persons 

Derek McCulloch (Writer) and Anthony Peruzzo (Artist)


I don’t know much about Displaced Persons. It’s an OGN by an Eisner nominated writer, Derek McCulloch of STAGGER LEE and Gone to Amerikay, and Anthony Peruzzo, an artist I’m not familiar with. I haven’t seen much advance buzz. What I have seen is this cover and this copy. It’s a bit of a love story, a bit of a murder mystery, and a bit of a time travel story gone wrong. It doesn’t take much, I guess, but a moody genre mashup with striking art and high minded sensibilities? I’m sold.Here’s what McCulloch had to say about the book, “It’s like reading rings in a tree…You can look at a family tree the same way, and when you see that someone was born, say, in Poland in 1920, and their child was born in Baltimore in 1947, there’s a story between those two rings. Displaced Persons takes those rings, and takes all the different kinds of stories I love, and mixes them up and twists them into a shape you won’t really understand until the last page. It’s a book I hope people will read twice…I guarantee you’ll see things the second time you didn’t know were there the first time.”

— Megan P

Cover: The Fade Out, Brubaker and Phillips, Image 2014The Fade Out #1

Ed Brubaker (Writer) Sean Phillips (Art)


Ed Brubaker is a master of noir. Fatale and Velvet are both groundbreaking, brilliant comics and Sean Phillips’ work on Fatale, Criminal and Incognito is equally notable. This new series takes place on the set of a noir film in 1948 Hollywood and tells the story of a writer, a starlet and a studio mogul. Having read Brubaker and Phillips’s work before, I expect there to be a dark and twisty mystery, complex characters, a lot of secrets and lies and some fantastic plot twists throughout the story. Added bonus the first issue will be 40 pages long!

— Christa

Cover: Batgirl #34, Jonathan Glapion, DC Comics 2014Batgirl #34

Gail Simone (Writer) Fernando Pasarin (Art)

DC Comics

The ‘Deadline’ arc is ending and so is Gail Simone’s run on Batgirl. Though I am curious to see what the new writers will do with the character and am happy to see Babs have a little fun, it’s still sad to see Simone go. Gail Simone and Barbara Gordon were my gateway to superhero comics and though more recent issues have received mixed reviews, I’ve really enjoyed the wild ride of New 52 Batgirl. But if Simone has to go at least she’s going out with a bang. By bringing the original Birds of Prey back together, even if its only temporary, she has made this fangirl very happy.

— Christa

The Complete Elfquest Vol 1, Wendy Pini, Dark Horse 2014The Complete ElfQuest Vol. 1

Wendy and Richard Pini (Writers), Wendy Pini (Artist)

Dark Horse Comics

If you haven’t already read one of the greatest independent fantasy comics of the last 35 years, now’s the time. ElfQuest is the story of the Wolfriders, a wild tribe of elves living on the primitive World of Two Moons. Cutter, the chief of the Wolfriders, believes they are the last of their kind, but when a deadly battle with humans drives them from their home, the Wolfriders encounter much more wonder and danger than they could have imagined–not just from humankind, but from other elves as well. The Complete ElfQuest vol. 1 collects the original 20-issue series in one massive 720-page volume, and prints Wendy Pini’s expressive, manga-influenced artwork in crisp black and white. ElfQuest is one of my favorite comics of all time, and I can’t wait for new readers to discover it.

— Kayleigh

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