The DC Daily Planet: Hellos and Goodbyes

There’s a lot of new faces this week, DC fans! New creative teams to be excited or angry about, new cast members to muse over, and, of course, a few familiar names we’ll be sad to see go.

The Flash train keeps on rolling, with the announcement that Robbie Amell (cousin to Twitter troll and occasional Arrow Stephen Amell) was cast as one half of the superhero Firestorm for the upcoming CW show. Firestorm was created when Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) accidentally merged with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Martin Stein during a nuclear accident, because comics.


I mean, how does that even happen?

According to Digital Spy, “Raymond will also play a pivotal role in the chemical explosion that turns rookie detective Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) into The Flash.” I thought that already happened? No?

But, Robbie isn’t the only familiar face getting a chance on the DC small screen: sometime Superman and all-around dreamboat Brandon Routh will be appearing on Arrow this season, because that is a show with a desperate need for more handsome men. You might also remember Brandon as a glowing-eyed vegan bass player from Scott Pilgrim v. The World. Personally, I’m pretty pleased to see him on my screen again, because I may have been the only person in the world who genuinely liked Superman Returns.

Brandon will appear this fall on Arrow as Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, in a recurring role.

In sadder news, it now appears Lucy Griffith (True Blood, the BBC’s Robin Hood) won’t be joining the cast of Constantine after all. Or…she already left? All I know is, they’re going to have to shoot a new pilot. Read then join me in the sads.

Also bittersweet:  Batgirl is getting a new creative team and look! But that means that fan-favorite Babs-guru Gail Simone is leaving the title. At least this time, her departure is by choice (ETA: it turns out Gail left the title due to creative differences, and that counter at The Outhouse has therefore been reset), and she’s been teasing us all with comments about a mysterious new project in the works.


I’ll be sad to see Gail go, not least because of the things she’s been doing in Batgirl #32 and #33, but I’m also looking forward to this new take on Babs and a lighter, less grim Bat-book.

Batgirl #35

The new creative team swings into the book on issue #35, this October.

DC’s had a strange week, bouncing back and forth (as is its wont) from heroic gestures to chilling supervillainy. We reported on their refusal and subsequent relenting of the use of Superman’s famous “S” shield on the statue of murdered child Jeffrey Baldwin, and two weeks ago, we noted their new royalty payment plan as a step in the right direction. Well, Alan Brennert might disagree with that assessment, considering the lack of royalties he’s getting for the use of his character Barbara Kean Gordon in the upcoming Gotham series.
DC, make up your mind, okay? It’s hard enough telling when fictional characters are on the side of the angels or not.

Have you been following the news this week? Have thoughts? Feeeeeelings? Leave ’em in the comments, and have a super day!

Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

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