The DC Daily Planet: America’s Next Top Robin

Marvel may have stolen the spotlight this week, but DC has a few tricks up their sleeve, too. Let’s see what’s on the horizon:

Batman will be getting a new Robin, and it probably won’t be the reanimated corpse of his son, Damian. In December’s Robin Rises: Omega, the Dark Knight will find himself with a new chum, after chasing Ra’s al Ghul back to the Lazarus Pit, where Ra’s hoped to bring Damian back to this mortal plane. And Batman is…not cool with that, because he wants his son’s soul to be at peace, rather than tormented and used as a weapon. Parallels! (Except then he’s also invested in a shard of the Chaos Crystal, which brings people back to life, so…okay.)

Writer Peter J. Tomasi has this to say about the Batman and Robin dynamic, and why it’s so important:

“Batman needs a Robin, at least in terms of having someone to play off of and a lightness of tone as opposed to being immersed in all the darkness…It’s a nice balance having a Robin around.”

The kicker is that Tomasi’s language seems to specifically state that, rather than minting a new Robin (c’mon, what about Harper?), a Robin is coming back. With Dick Grayson off being a super-spy, and Tim and Jason settled into their identities as Red Robin and Red Hood, everyone seems to be sure that it’ll be a return for Damian Wayne.

But you know what? There’s another Robin back these days. So who will it be?


Apparently the team behind Constantine has decided his bisexuality isn’t “crucial to the character,” and therefore the character will be straight. Uh, okay. If his bisexuality isn’t important, why go to the effort of cutting it out?

He is, however, definitely still a smoker, because that is crucial. Characterization is important, folks!

Sue of DC Women Kicking Ass summed up the situation nicely:

Constantine tweet Succinct.

This next piece of news is brought to you by my Tumblr dashboard, because I couldn’t ignore the breathless delight that suddenly flooded across is: apparently next season of Arrow will make Olicity a real, actual, thing, when Oliver asks Felicity out on a date. I can’t imagine that will end poorly at all.

We’re heading into the final days before the madness of SDCC descends upon us all (I, for one, am mainly looking forward to the gifs of people cosplaying Deadpool popping up on Tumblr again), and DC has decided to go meta. In this week’s special, Harley Quinn Goes To Comic-Con International: San Diego, Harley Quinn…well, you get the gist. The book is full of little jokes teasing DC and Marvel creators, editors, and actors, and it seems pretty cute (I have to admit I laughed at the idea of a “4-D” cover, where the fourth D stands for “DiDio.”)

All I can say is I wish “D-C-You” was a real thing. Hop to it, DC! I’d buy those books in a heartbeat.



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