Reminder! We Want YOU to Apply to be our New Arts or Lifestyle Editor

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We are looking for two experienced editors to join our staff. One as our shiny new Arts Editor, the other as our sparkly Lifestyle Editor. What do we mean by these categories? We mean to work with you to define how these will look. The sky’s the limit! The world will be yours!

Your Responsibilities Would Include:

  • Writing! Quite a bit of it, as we develop these new-ish sections.
  • Planning, assigning, and developing stories.
  • Running interactive challenges and giveaways — often!
  • Editing submissions. (Chicago)
  • Participating in weekly editorial meetings.
  • Pursuing guest posts.

 The Ideal Candidate:

  • Has a background in web writing and editing — not necessarily paid.
  • Is comfortable with WordPress, Google Drive, and Photoshop (or equivalent).
  • Has a contact list full of solid bloggers and freelancers (or is a talented networker).
  • Is excited about working with WWAC as we grow online and move into print (yup, that’s the goal).
  • Is an intersectional feminist progressive who grooves with our core values.
  • Lifestyle Editor applicants should have a good handle on at least 3 of these topics: crafting, DIY, cooking and food, cosplay, street fashion, sports (not pro!), adventuring, and travel.
  • Art Editor applicants should know sequential art cold and have a passion for fine arts, illustration, and bookmaking.

We Can Offer You:

  • A small, highly-collaborative editorial team and a no-bullshit work environment. You’ll be working WITH us, not FOR us.
  • The chance to build big, collaborative projects with our writers and editors.
  • Freedom to manage and shape your section (mostly) as you see fit.
  • Skillsharing workshops. Of a kind.
  • No money though. Not yet. (We’re all waiting on that.)
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Romona Williams

Romona Williams

Romona Williams is an ex-librarian, current tutor, and constant writer. She can usually be found in antiquarian bookstores, curiosity shops, and carnivals after dark.