Lumberjanes at WeLoveFine? Don’t Mind if We Do!

LumberJanes, Boom! Studios, 2014, Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, Brooke A Allen

Virtual Wardrobe gif, Clueless, 1995, ParamountYou’ve heard, right? Lumberjanes shirts at WeLoveFine! And also a sturdy bag, for all the things you need. WWAC internal mail lit up with important discussions: which would you pick, and what would you wear it with?

We’re sharing our virtual wardrobes — share yours too!


I need so many Lumberjanes shirts!

Lumberjanes at WeLoveFine, Boom! studios, Mighty Fine, 2014Claire

Personally I favour the first, because while I’m yet to read an issue (I know, I know), I am all for a farting kitty in super-sour colours. Stick it over leather shorts, put on purple suede trainers, let’s climb a mountain. I’d cut the arms off and the neckline out, though, because I hate t-shirts. Why is it always t-shirts?


I want the camp logo shirt. The simple design on a dark color appeals to me because I have a tendency to get stuff on my shirts.

Is the Holy Kitten supposed to be farting? I thought it was just floating among clouds. Now I need to re-read the issues to see if I blocked out fart jokes!

If they did a “What the junk?!” shirt, I’d probably get that too.


Re: farts — I don’t know! I just think that dresses + farts deserve more acknowledgement as a legit combo, so I’ll take what I’m given when I get the chance.

Athletic Dept. Lumberjanes at WeLoveFine, Boom! studios, Mighty Fine, 2014Laura H

I would TOTALLY get a “What the junk?” shirt.

But I like the “Property of Bay Point Prep Athletic Dept one! Because it already looks a little worn in, and I have a great fondness for wearing fake athletic apparel (one year I wore my Bon Temps High School Football t-shirt to DragonCon, and the poor barista pouring my coffee thought I was the only normal sports fan in a sea of bizarre costumes). They go with everything and they’re great for the gym or running or sparring workouts, without being immediately geeky at first glance.


I would wear my shirt with jeans, because I dislike all non-jeans pants (except pajama pants). Why? I love wearing clothes that represent the things I love, especially when they attract attention from strangers who love the same thing. Little kids freak out over my Wonder Women Converse sneakers, and my Marvel Vans. It blows their minds when I tell them that I like comics AND own my own comic book store. That’s a kid who will know better when somebody says comics are just for boys. Lady geeks represent!

Camp Logo, Lumberjanes at WeLoveFine, Boom! studios, Mighty Fine, 2014I’ve been traveling a lot for work this summer. I wore my black short with a red Stark Industries logo on it during my trip to St. Louis. I ended up in three or four different conversations with people who saw it and realized they got the reference. They light up like Steve Rogers in The Avengers when he understands about the flying monkeys. This week, I spent several hours in an airport due to a flight delay. One of the other delayed passengers saw my “You never forget your first Doctor” shirt with the TARDIS on it, and she ran over to ask me about it. We spent nearly two hours talking about all kinds of geek stuff. She’s from a relatively small town with fewer local geek resources, so she was so excited to meet another real-life girl who loves the things she loves.

But if somebody ran up to me to squeal about something as relatively obscure as Lumberjanes, that would be awesome. Like a secret club within a secret club!

Megan P

I would wear the camp logo shirt with skinny jeans and flip flops, or skinny jeans and Cons. I own a lot of skinny jeans. Also I like sharp objects and cartoonish depictions of them.

These are launching at Comic-Con, so if you’re there… you should probably make like a Lumberjane and camp out (right? probably) overnight, cos I see’em going fast.
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